quantum computers within months?

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Re: quantum computers within months?

Postby Whitecold on Mon 25 Nov 2019 15:07

To be fair, what google is doing is very impressive. In fact, (still) anyone working with more than 2 qubits currently is doing impressive stuff.

When it comes to quantum supremacy, I very much agree though that supremacy for one is an ill chosen word, even besides its ugly political connotations.
If the system can be simulated doesn't really interest anyone, except it does make your life harder if you can't. To show you have a better computer you'd need to solve a problem that actually anyone cares about besides being calculated on a quantum computer.
Lastly of course is the fact that a quantum computer will never be supreme. It may solve certain problems faster, and open entirely new capabilites for physics, chemsitry and biology, but other problems will be faster on classical hardware. (unless your quantum bits become as cheap as classical bits, then you can trivally simulate the classical machine)
Besides, no body thought of a quantum computer yet that does not need a whole lot of classical control electronics. Control lines are in fact currently one of the limiting things on large superconducting chips.
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