Table T2.03.2

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Table T2.03.2

Postby SDTroll on Sun 15 May 2022 12:57

When is Table T2.03.2 used? Is it with any political acceptance roll? Or just certain ones? Are some of the entries on the chart permanent, or are they all temporary? I would think at least violated an agreement or attacked under treaty would be permanent. At least I don't thing a few months cooling off would make me forget someone broke a treaty and attacked me.
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Re: Table T2.03.2

Postby Cralis on Sun 15 May 2022 22:07

We were just talking about that on the Starfire discord server a few days ago in the #starfire-help channel.

Table T2.03.2 was moved to be T3.02.1 but it looks like somehow it wasn't removed from T2.03.2... we originally considered building a table with all of the RC modifiers but that wasn't really feasible, so we reduced it to the intermediary and war modifiers.

Also note that Table T2.03.2 is listed in our SSF errata as supposed to be Table T3.02.1

For the next version, we are removing Table T2.03.2 ... and we are rewriting all of T3.02 to combine it with T7 (and add something new...), so you can safely ignore the table.
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