Official Errata for Solar Starfire

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Official Errata for Solar Starfire

Postby Cralis on Tue 07 Feb 2012 02:01

What follows is the official Errata for Solar Starfire. One message per version. This topic will be locked and all discussion should take place in the Typo Topic. The most current errata is for SSF v6.02.201307



1. This errata does not always include simple typos, such as "then" instead of "than". These will update with each revision.

2. This errata will not include new material unless absolutely necessary to understand an incomplete portion of the rules. This means that some things may change from revision to revision, but in that case you'll see it addressed in the revision notes.

3. Any explanation (as opposed to actual errata) of a potential rule change is done to avoid posting a re-write of an entire rule. It should serve as a guideline for SMs and players to understand what is going on, but the re-write will appear in the next revision.

4. The most recent changes will be bolded so players can return and more easily identify changes from the last time they've seen the list.
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Re: Official Errata for Solar Starfire

Postby Cralis on Tue 07 Feb 2012 02:02

Version 6.00.201201 - last update 28 June 2012

A4.01 "...ship costto construct..." should be "...ship cost to construct..."

D2.06.1 Add sentence as 3rd paragraph: "If multiple cases apply below, use the highest chance of the wreck being destroyed."

D2.06.1 bullet 6 should say "Any wreck damaged by non-precision non-E weapons that has only shields remaining has a 75% chance of being destroyed."

Table D5.03 should list IND2 sensors as SL0, and IND1 sensors as SL-1.

E1.01 changed to "Shields have a default regeneration rate of 1 hour after taking damage. At SL 3 a tech item project for shield regeneration increase this rate to 1 S per 3 tactical turns of not taking damage. Later shield regeneration projects decrease the waiting time and increase the amount of shields regenerated. See the shield branch [AppAA.S] for specifics."

E3.03 "...8 DP or less." should be "...6 DP or less."

E4.01.1 change "regular warships" to "regular hulls (warships and FT)"

E9.01.1 changed to "Transit racks may carry up to 10 HS per @. Adjacent Transit Rack systems can be combined to carry larger ships, or to carry multiple ships that have a total contiguous HS amount equal or less than the HS limit of the combined @ systems."

G1.01: remove 2nd sentence

G2.04: replace first bullet point with "Squadrons can land on a lower generation Launch Bay and Squadron Bay, but cannot rearm or refuel [AppAA.B?.01]. Landing on a higher generation BL and Squadron Bay is allowed."

J: adding definition - "Economic Resource" - Raw materials, goods, supplies, etc. all simplified as "Mega Credits" (MC) when carried in cargo holds.

K3.03.6: last sentence of first paragraph changed to "...does not impact the maintenance cost of Imperial units or the value of scrap [M3.08]."

K3.03.10: remove asteroid belt bonus

L3.01: Link to [T3.14.5 Point 8] should point to [T3.14.5 Point 9]

L3.02.2 and GG5.06 needs to take into account W7.01.2. Note that this reduces T/ST incomes relative to the other alt races by ~4%. Will be balanced in the next version.

Table L7.02: remove the row about "Squadron Bay Reloads" (there is no such thing)

Table M4: replace 2nd column entry under "Repair Small Unit" with "See [Table M10.03]"

N11.02.1: link to N11.08 should go to N11.05

R3.02.1: change part of sentence 2: "...must have at least one X system and either a smcft (a gig will work) or be (AC) capable."

T3.11.7.1: remove asteroid belt bonus

S1.05.1: Remove point 2 and the two following notes.

V3.01: This section is supposed to be talking about the construction of Qtc, as Qt are constructed using QTC. We are currently re-writing this sub-section.

V4.09 add "Roll two d100 rolls and add them together. Apply the final modifiers from [V4.09.1] and determine the results from [Table V4.09.2]."

V4.10 add "Roll a d100. Apply the final modifiers from [V4.09.1] and determine the results from [Table V4.09.3]."

W5.04.1 (Table): In the table column headers, the "Emission Nebula" should be "Other Nebula"

W6.05 (Table): this table is immediately below W6.05 and is unlabeled.

W6.06: Last sentence is incorrect, remove the part about all gas zone planets are automatically Type-G planets. Planet type is determined by Table W6.05, not this rule.

AA7.03: change last sentence of paragraph 2 into third paragraph, as follows: Any ship can refill magazines from reloads available in another allied ship's magazines, but they may only draw munitions for the type and generation of weapons on the ship being drawn from. Ammo colliers (defined as an FT with 2 or more Mg) can draw any ammunition for any ship, as long as the empire has developed that weapon.

AA7.05: change to say "As stated in [A4.03] the proper method of marking the loadout for magazines is..."

AA.Eng.04: Change last sentence to: "The Ic twig opens when any eligible HEL drive tree is opened."

AA.Ap Tech Tree: footnote (c) is changed to "Weapons are 1/2 damage and range (see [AP.01.3] for LRW)."

AA.Cp Tech Tree: last Cpn should be Cpo

AA.Cp (First paragraph): "...through the SL1 discovery..." needs to be changed to "SL0"

AA.Cp.01.3: (new rule) Any ship without sufficient drives to have at least 1/3 ADP has an effective ADP of 0.

AA.CON Tree: SM hull should be SL 14, and LN hull should be SL 16.

AA.Gt: description appears incomplete. Inconsequential to game rules, but will be fixed in next version.

AA.HAWK: "...has only FOUR generations."

AA.HAWK: Remove last sentence of paragraph 1... "The amount of the negative..."

AA.K: shows a pre-requisite of "IND-2" and it should be "EL 1"

AA.RD.02: replace "...launched directly from the hold..." to "...launched directly from Hb or BL while the drive-field is down."

AA.Smcft.01: Remove "...and the Shuttle Training Facility." This facility does not exist in SSF.

AA.Smcft.06: Should list Ast as having a 60-degree arc (not 180)

AA.Sr.03: Last sentence is removed.

AA.Xc Tech Tree: Xcb and Xce can detect Hidden WP

CC5.01: remove asteroid belt bonus

EE.Kh: to-hit for Kh weapons is incorrect. Should be as follows: 9-9-9-9-8-8-8-8-7-7-7-7-7-7-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-4-4-4-4-4-4-3-3-3-3-3-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-1

EE.Pt: Ptcb and Ptcs have 1 lower ROF (1 and 2, respectively). Ptcro through Ptcry are all 2 SL lower than listed.

EE.Rcb: the ROF for Rcb is 1.

EE.Pth: the ROF of Ptha should be 1.

EE.Table W5.03: underneath lists the 1d8/1d10 method for rolling planets. This is incorrect, use W6.03 method of rolling 2 (d10) until the numbers are more than 1 apart.

FF.Example AA: example is incorrect. Regeneration via Sr occurs during the Record Keeping Phase, not the beginning of the turn.

GG6 and GG6.01 references to asteroid belt bonuses are wrong. Those bonuses no longer exist.
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Re: Official Errata for Solar Starfire

Postby Cralis on Wed 01 Aug 2012 02:09

Version 6.01.201207 - last update 1 October 2012


Cp.01.5 FDEF
The FDEF [C11.02.1] rating of Cp is 4.

C11.03.1.1 Acceleration Rate (AcR)
Acceleration Rate is the maximum acceleration an LEL ships can achieve. Each increase in AcP requires a number of engines determined by the Engine Power indicated on the hull chart for each LEL drive, FRD. Maximum AcR is the maximum acceleration that hull can achieve, no matter how many engines it has.

NOTE: FRD means that an LEL ship without at least a number of engines equal to its engine power will have an effective AcP of 0.

Example: Cp drive rules indicate in [Table Cp.01] that a CT has 1/2 engine power and that Cp has an AcP of 1/3. Thus, each engine provides 2 AcP or 2/3 AcR, and with a max AcR of 2, the CT only requires 3 Cp to reach its maximum acceleration.
A DD with Cp drives has an engine power of 1, which means each AcP of 1/3 requires a single Cp drive. A DD with 3 Cp drives would have an AcR equal to 3 AcP (1/3 x 3 = 1), and for the DD to reach its max AcR of 1.5 only requires 5 Cp drives (which gives an AcR of 1 2/3 or 1.66, which is higher than the 1.5 max AcR).


E5.03.4 - second sentence changed to: "Any extra engines are placed in the last engine room on the control sheet. This engine room is called the "Tug Engine Room" and is indicated as ("type" #"quantity")."

E5.07.4 - should be 2d10, not 2d20

E7.02.2 - remove, this is now covered in D2.01.1.2

F3.03.1 add after last sentence - Unless otherwise specified in the individual descriptions below, Qt cost 1 MC to build.

G2.04 - remove the first bullet, it is no longer valid

L4.04 - FT no longer require an H for the CFN, but any H designated for carrying maintenance does not count as part of the CFN pool.

M1.02.2.2 - Ground-based industry on an Ind2 world is treated as “EL 0” with Limited Facilities

T3.06 - remove last sentence of second to last paragraph - Subject races cannot provide assistance to other races.

V3.05.3 - every "Qtc" should be "Qtr" (note: this section makes NO sense without using Qtr)

Table V6.04.1 is missing
Less than 15 Race offers to increase alliance level due to strength of determination of ally
16-33 Ally is indifferent to attack and ignores it
34-50 Alliance is reduced 1 level
51-66 Alliance is reduced 2 levels
67-100 Alliance is reduced 2 levels and the max alliance is FT&D
101-129 Alliance is reduced 2 levels and the max alliance is FT or D
130-159 Alliance is reduced 3 levels and the max alliance is RT
160-199 Alliance is reduced 3 levels and the max alliance is Non Agression
200+ Alliance is reduced 4 levels and the max alliance is Non Intercourse.
Natural doubles : Ally understands, ignores future attacks of the same or lower levels against the same race.

* Free trade to limited trade is one level of reduction.
* A treaty of non aggression reduced 2 levels becomes a war check. Reduction below a war check results in additional war checks at 1 per level below.
* Non Intercourse races do not roll.
* All planets in the consolidation phase increase to invasion if a reduction occurs.
* 30% chance for each planet in the peace phase to revolt if a level reduction occurs.
* All treaty violation against a genocidal race have no effect for the rest of the game. Additionally, all races in the future may use genocidal attacks (of the same level or lower) against the genocidal race for the next 50 months without penalties.

Table Y4.03.1A Multiple HEL NPR Relationship is missing
01-60 Full Trade
61-65 Defensive Military Alliance
66-70 Offensive Military Alliance
71-80 Full Trade and Defense Military Alliance
81-90 Full Trade and Offensive Military Alliance
91-98 Partnership
99-00 Amalgamated -- See [Y4.04]

EE point defense – Du is 10 @ 9, Dw is 11 @ 9, Dy is 10 @ 10, and Dka is 11 @ 10

EE hull chart - BS16 is 2501-3000 HS
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Re: Official Errata for Solar Starfire

Postby Cralis on Sat 13 Jul 2013 00:16

Version 6.02.201307 - last update 15 Aug 2019


T3.14 needs to state that an empire can only negotiate one amalgamation at once, and cannot participate in another for at least 5 months


D6.04.2 ... last sentence should be " HS/8 (FRU)"

D9.05.1 rule removed (both paragraphs)

E4.01.1 Hb are limited on regular hulls and freighters. They are NOT limited on PDC, BS, AF, SS, and fast hulls.

Table E4.01B should include: Qt to/from shuttle -- 1 Qt per Tactical Turn, including air drop

E5.03, add the following sentence to the end of the "Towed Size" definition: The minimum Towed Size is 1 HS.

F3.02.1 should state that 1 PC requires 1 PP to create

G7.05 ast weapon should be limited to short range

H1.03.1 (AD) is added as a non-military system

H1.03.2 Bay limits are one per 30 HS FRU. Note that this is different from squadron and launch bay limits, which are FRD.

K3.03.1 needs to state that no race can have more than a TOTAL of -3 SL from ALL branches with advanced science

L1.02.3 should also list that AB and HGT do not have regular population growth

L4.04 change to include Hb in the list of allowed CFN payload systems, and that all CFN freighters must mount the maximum number of Hb for their size

Add M1.02.2.3 Machine Shops (MS)
(MS) cannot do any kind of Build Project but can do all of the other types of Projects, unless the Project description says otherwise.

Missing column on Table P2.03, the vertical "Small Unit/AP" column (first column):
Small Unit/AP to:
Small Unit/AP = 10 tH
Small Craft = 20 tH
Large Craft = 60 tH
(CC) = 1 LM *
LEL Pop = 20 tH
HEL Pop = 1 LM

* This category includes AP-c

R3.01 and R3.02 remove references to GB and FQ and specify that squadrons cannot participate in system body surveys

Table T2.03.2 is a duplication mistake. Ignore this table, it should not exist.

Table T3.02.2 should be Table T3.02.1 RC Modifiers for Intermediary Negotiations, as it applies to T3.02.1 and not War Checks

NOTE: The below entry is specifically for the (AD) system.

AA2 add the following entry:
+-HS: Changes the maximum HS available for mounting systems. The cost and size of the hull is as per the constructed hull size. But for the purposes of installing systems, only the maximum HS available is used. This includes calculations that use the number of HS to determine how many of that system can be mounted, such as bays (Hb, BL, etc.) and XO racks.

AA7.04.2 Any unit without Hb can unpack 1 Mg at a time.

Cp.03.2 df Deactivation
A (Cp) drive ship can put the df in "Off" mode, but it does not protect the ship [C11.02.2].

AA.Cp.04 change to the following:
(Cp) units with shields off are detected at -2 sensor generations due to their lower particle and energy signature to HEL engines. (Cp) units are detected as a normal DF unit, using the "Large ship generating MP" line on [Table D5.02]. If the (Cp) unit activates any shields (S) the -2 generations is negated until the turn after the shields were brought down.

-- NOTE: this is just a errata and this interaction will be re-written in the next version of the game.

AA.Cp.07.3 add new bullet: [Cp.04] no longer applies to (Cp) ships with an active (CpF) system.

AA.AP.01.5 lists sYc as a valid system, that is incorrect. sYc does not currently exist. Remove.

AA.AP.01.5.2 Add sentence: Half damage from [AP.01.3] does not apply to Dg.

AA.ELEC-- CNCi through CNCka have a higher level of Z than intended, by one generation. Reduce the generation of equivalent Z by one (for example, CNCi should have "Zi or Zcb")

AA.Pt.02 should include AF in the list with SS and BS

AA.Qv Tech Tree has a note at the bottom - REMOVE THAT NOTE!
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