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The Republic of Cresson

Postby nukesnipe on Thu 14 Jun 2012 21:51

I'd like to thank wievil for the inspiration, and for borrowing his "Trader". The Republic of Cresson is my race in the Esteer campaign.


Month 2, 3 PD

Where the hell are they”, thought Rear Admiral Stephen Everett to himself as he studied RCNS BURNINGHAM’s tactical display. The twenty ships of his Task Force 1 and Rear Admiral Anette Meggison’s Task Force 3 had spent the last five weeks patrolling the Oshoru system awaiting the reported arrival of an Esteer probe. The Trader had been adamant of their impending arrival; so much so, in fact, that Fleet Headquarters, with the concurrence of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, dispatched fully half of the RCN fleet to this system in order to overwhelm the anticipated probe and possibly salvage some technology. Perhaps then the Fonies at the Office of Naval Intelligence and the White Mice at Naval Research could earn their pay and give us some insights into what we are facing.

Everett shook himself free of that line of thought with a snort of self-disgust. To be fair, ONI and Naval Research were as much in the dark as the rest of us. The unexpected appearance of the Esteer Messenger (“envoy” implied a level of negotiation that was lacking from their side of the one-sided conversation) was an epiphany of literally galactic scale. The cultural hubris the Republic of Cresson had allowed itself following the War of Unification and the economic expansion throughout the Cresson system had been dispelled in the course of an afternoon. We were not alone. We were not the most technologically advanced race in the history of the universe. Space travel between planetary systems was achievable; easier, in fact, than we’d ever expected.

The Esteer had offered us freedom: freedom from choice; freedom from self-determination; freedom from the pursuit of our own goals and dreams. All in exchange for an existence of subservience under Esteer rule.

President Dominic Corbridge’s response to the Messenger had been as unexpected as it was blunt; especially when coming from a man who had been a highly successful Economist prior to his presidency.

“Come and take it.”

With that, the Messenger simply…disappeared. One moment he and his ship were in a standard parking orbit, and the next he was gone.

Parliament had barely calmed down from the resulting hysteria when the Trader appeared. Almost as enigmatic as the Messenger, the Trader came bearing gifts of technological and scientific advancement. Tractor beams used by space borne industry were weaponized. Theoretical research in magnetics yielded a viable shield against a myriad of weaponry, including projectiles and the newly developed “Force Beams”. The nuclear tipped missiles used to break up larger asteroids for processing by the smelters were weaponized; enhancements in drive technology resulted in exponential improvements range and, when coupled with new sensor technology, accuracy over distances that had never before been thought possible. New engines for our spaceships produced significant increases in speed while simultaneously protecting them from the stresses of worm hole transits. The economic boom those engines facilitated could not be overstated.

But, it was the refinement of our planetary survey instruments that opened the stars to us. The Trader explained that the gravity disturbances our scientists had been studying were actually the signatures of worm holes (he called them “Warp Points”) to other star systems. Three such worm holes (warp points!) were discovered in our system; doorways to other life bearing and mineral rich planets. The Trader encouraged us to explore as rapidly as possible; to spread our race throughout the stars should the worst happen and the Esteer return and burn our planet as promised.

But we were cautioned: one does not know what lies beyond a warp point until one transits it. That lesson was driven home when one of our probes stumbled into a maser nebula. In the time it took the crew to sufficiently survey (relocate, really) their entry warp point so they could escape the nebula the ship was a wreck and half its crew dead.

There be dragons in this universe.

The upheaval in Parliament caused by having to determine the best method to fund the colonization of the new worlds we have discovered pales in comparison to that of the Joint Chiefs and Fleet Headquarters. With Unification, counter-terrorism and counter-piracy operations had been the focus of the Republic of Cresson Army and Navy. The Joint Chiefs were now forced to think bigger – much bigger – than they’d ever imagined. Questions on how to proceed far outnumbered answers. How do you prepare for a foe that can appear at a whim? What types of weapons and defenses does he have? What’s his strength?

Should we tailor our tactics around small ships, large ships, or a balanced mix? Do we slug it out with strong, short ranged weapons, or snipe from afar with long-range missiles?

If it comes to it, how does one invade a planet? The logistics boggle the mind!

The decisions that need to be made have led to a near paralysis at the upper levels of command. The White Mice are flush with research funding and have been churning out technological improvements that have been almost as frustrating as they have been exciting. It seems that as soon than we put a system in production a “must have” improvement hits the field. RCNS BURNINGHAM was hardly finished with her shakedown training when she was back in the yards for the new datalink upgrade. Now, she and her squadron mate can combine their fire on one target. Almost before we’d finished operational testing of the datalink prior to back fitting it to the entire fleet did the Mark 2 Force Beam enter service. Another month in the yards!

Then, just when we became comfortable with our missile doctrine, the White Mice came up with a defense system that provided upwards of a 30% chance of shooting down missiles traveling at a good fraction of light speed. If the Esteer have such a defense, then the combined fire of two BURNINGHAMs would be hard pressed to score significant hits. We need to somehow link more ships together, or build bigger ships. Preferably both.

But, the Joint Chiefs have put a stop on building new classes of ships until they can sort out a coherent strategy. They did agree that a fifth Task Force was needed, and Rear Admiral (select) Landsman of RCNS LOHMEYER (DDG 2), BURNINGHAM’s squadron mate, will assume command of that force as soon as we return to Cresson.

The Joint Chiefs also agreed to add another DDG or DD Division to each existing Destroyer Squadron. DESRONs 4 and 5 will benefit significantly from that decision as they each currently have a pair of MADIA class frigates instead of proper destroyers. While the MADIAs heavy armor and shielding make them as durable as the SALOIS class DDs, they only have a single force beam to the DDs’ three. As the intent of the DDs is to screen the DDGs while they engage the enemy, the MADIAs’ are ill-suited for that role; the DDs can engage two targets simultaneously, while the FFs are limited to only one. There is talk of making them flotilla leaders for the KNIFE class corvettes as new destroyers come on line.

Thoughts of the corvettes brought his mind back to the present. While the two task forces fretted in Oshoru like a jilted bride at the altar, Joshua C was undefended and the core worlds of Cresson, Aledo and Sarita were defended by only TF2.

“Comms, raise Rear Admirals Meggison and Landsman.”

“Aye, Sir!”

A few seconds later faces of his fellow Admiral and Admiral-to-be appeared on his communications screen.

“Anette, Stuart. It appears we’ve been stood up. I’m not sure how this is going to affect the Joint Chiefs’ opinion of the Trader’s credibility, but that’s not our problem. We are accomplishing nothing here, and I’m uncomfortable at how open we’ve left Joshua C. If the Joint Chief’s won’t let us build the new cruisers or base stations they’ve been promising us, perhaps this little escapade will convince them to build some planet side defense installations.

“Anette, take your ships back to Joshua. I’ll try to convince the folks back at HQ that the next DDGs and DDs off the line need to go to Joshua and Wheatland. Hopefully, you’ll be seeing a couple more BURNINGHAMs and SALOISs coming your way in the next few months. Who knows; maybe the DDG-X and DD-X projects will hit production by then.

“Stuart, let’s get you back to Cresson and your new command.”


Republic of Cresson Navy Ships


(2.5) (AC) Sx4Ax4ZaH(Bsa)Qa(Ia)(Ia)(Ia)MgRbx2Ya(Ia)(Ia)QaFb (5/2)
Sx4 Ax4 Rbx2 Mgx1 Fbx1 Za


(2.5) (AC) Sx3Ax2ZaH(Bsa)Qa(Ia)(Ia)(Ia)(Ia)(Ia)Fbx2M1QaFb (5/2)
Sx3 Ax2 Fbx3 Za M1


(2) (AC) Sx5Ax4ZaH(Bsa)Qa(Ia)(Ia)(Ia)(Ia)QaFb (5/3)
Sx5 Ax4 Fbx1 Za


(2) (AC) Sx3Ax3ZaH(ia)(Ia)(Ia)QaFb (6/3)
Sx3 Ax3 Fbx1 Za

Republic of Cresson Navy Order of Battle





TF5 (under construction)
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The Republic of Cresson: Month 4, 2 PD

Postby nukesnipe on Mon 18 Jun 2012 18:57

Month 4, 3 PD

The Chairman of the Republic of Cresson Joint Chiefs of Staff adjusted his seat and nodded to the Staff Intelligence Officer, “You may proceed.”

“Thank you, Sir. We have received word that approximately two weeks ago a probe entered the Wheatland system from an unknown warp point, which we believe to be of the concealed type. So far, they appear non-hostile. Initial communications attempts have met with some success, and we have learned they call themselves the Zaxis Astral Ascedency. The Wheatland system remains secure, thanks in no small part to the arrival of Task Force 4 at nearly the same time as the Zaxis probe. I will now turn the briefing over to the S3.”

The Intelligence Officer took his seat, and was replaced by the Staff Operations Officer.

“Thank you, S2. Gentlemen, Task Force 5 has completed fitting out, and is awaiting Rear Admiral (select) Landsman’s return from the Oshoru expedition to begin its shakedown training. As the S2 mentioned, Task Force 4 has arrived in the Wheatland system and is providing system security until we can determine the intentions of the Zaxis probe. Task Force 1 should arrive in Cresson within the week, and Task Force 3 should already have arrived in Joshua. Task Force 2 remains on patrol in the Elaema system.

“Survey operations are currently being conducted as outlined in your briefing packages. Of particular note, Survey Group 1, operating in the Ereriweth system discovered two new open warp points and is preparing to dispatch probes through each. That concludes my portion of today’s brief. If there are no questions, I will turn the podium over to the S4.”

The Staff Logistics Officer replaced the S3 at the podium.

“Gentlemen, construction of two BURNINGHAM class DDGs, two SALOIS class DDs, and six KNIFE class CTs – the ships comprising Task Force 5 – has been completed. Additionally, we have commissioned another FT4Q personnel transport for lease to the CFN. An additional two DDGs, two DDs and an FT4Q have been laid down and should be completed within the next six weeks. To steal a bit of the S8’s thunder, we have also laid down the first of the new survey ships incorporating the Mark 3 science instruments. Once we have any kinks in the lead ship worked out, we will begin the phased replacement of the Mk 1 survey ships, starting with Survey Group 4. We realize that upgrading our Mk 2 equipped ships before the Mk 1 ships may seem somewhat backwards, but it best supports Survey Group 4’s mission of resurveying our star systems for hidden warp points. After Survey Group 4’s upgrade we will begin replacing the ships of Survey Groups 1, 2 and 3. Those ships will be sold to the breakers as they are replaced. With your permission, I will turn the brief over to the S8.”

The Staff’s Requirements Officer, the liaison with Naval Research, took the podium.

“Development of the improved armor and life support systems continues. Prototypes of both projects have entered the field testing phase, which is expected to take several months.

“The shield project and the hull construction project are giving the researchers fits. Despite the funding we are pouring into them, both projects have stalled. Given the uncertainty with the shield project, we recommend proceeding with the new shipbuilding initiatives when the armor and life support projects reach field service, and back fit the new shields as they become available. I realize the pushback we will receive from the Naval Oversight Committee, but the new light cruisers will have twice the missile launchers of the DDG-1 class, and will be 20% faster if we choose to proceed with the high speed hulls. The CG-X class will be even more capable, and will have proper Flag spaces to better coordinate the efforts of our Task Forces.

”If there are no questions, I will turn the podium back over to the S3.”

The Operations Officer resumed the podium. “Gentlemen, this concludes today’s Staff Briefing.”

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Re: The Republic of Cresson

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Month 7, 3 PD

Rear Admiral Everett sat in his command chair and studied the two Esteer base stations on his plot.

“How in the world did they transport two immobile bases here?” he wondered to himself.

Task Force 1 had barely arrived in Cresson following the fruitless run to Oshoru when Rear Admiral Everett received orders to reprovision and proceed to Fortaleza. There, he was to rendezvous with Rear Admiral Koo’s Task Force 2 and assume command of the combined Task Forces and intercept an anticipated Esteer probe. After transferring Rear Admiral Landsman to his newly commissioned Task Force 5, Rear Admiral Everett took his Task Force up the warp point chain to Fortaleza.

Not knowing what to expect, the two Task Forces proceeded in concert searching for Esteer units that were supposed to be probing the system. After weeks of searching – during which Rear Admiral Everett began to develop some serious concerns regarding the veracity of the Trader’s tipper information, the Navigation Officer on RCNS WAWERS (DDG 4) realized that the gas giant known as Fortaleza VI had sprouted two additional moons.

That was three weeks ago.

“How in the world did they transport two immobile bases here?” Rear Admiral Everett wondered again.

There had been no communication. None was expected. As the RCN possessed the only mobile units, the “where” of the engagement had been determined. It was Rear Admiral Everett’s choice, as the senior RCN officer on station, to determine the “when “ of the engagement.

Study of the two bases – they were identical – determined that they massed approximately 50% more than his DDGs, making them about the size of the SAN BENITO class light cruiser that had just been laid down in Cresson. From all appearances, they appeared to be pure missile platforms. Despite their larger size, their shields appeared to be weaker than those of his ships.

Rear Admiral Everett considered his options. Normal procedure would have him hold back his escorting frigates to intercept any mobile units that tried to close with the DDGs. While that did not appear to be necessary today, given the immobile nature of his adversary, he decided to stick with the way they’d trained.

“Comms, to all units: the DDGs will provide support fire from four light seconds. The frigates will provide close support to the DDGs. CTRONs 1 and 2 will close and attack.”

“Sir, all units acknowledge.”

“Very well. To the fleet: Warning Red, weapons free. Commence firing.”

The Republic of Cresson’s first battle against an aggressor star nation had commenced.


“…Commence firing.”

“Ahead Full! Target Bogie 2!”, barked Lieutenant MacCandless. RCNS BASILARD (CT 7) and her five squadron mates leapt forward toward the base station designated “Bogie 2”; their sister squadron would engage Bogie 1.

As the twelve corvettes of Corvette Squadrons 1 and 2 began to close the four light second distance, the DDGs began firing data linked four missile salvos at each of the Esteer bases. The Esteer, apparently out of range, withheld their fire.

“Shields down on Bogies 1 and 2!” The Esteer shields were as weak as they appeared.

“Missile separation, Bogies 1 and 2! Two salvos of six; they appear to be uncoordinated!”

“Range to Bogie 2?”

“Two and a half light seconds.”

Twelve Esteer missiles streaked toward RCNS RONDEL (CT 9), seven struck the little corvette.

“Sir, RONDEL’s shields are down and she’s streaming atmosphere. She’s dropped out of the link!”

“Commence firing at one light second.”

The seconds ticked by as the range closed.

“Coming up on one light second. Standby…commence firing!”

“Missile separation, Bogies 1 and 2! Both Bogies are targeting RONDEL again!”

Another dozen missiles descended upon RCNS RONDEL. Five missed her outright, but five struck home. The fourth hit destroyed her last engine room. The fifth vaporized her and her crew.

The remaining two missiles flew through the expanding debris cloud.

“Close to one-half light second and maintain that range!”

“Aye, Sir! Closing to one-half light seconds!”

The five remaining corvettes of CTRON 2 closed to knife fighting range and in a manner of seconds avenged their squadron mate.


Republic of Cresson Order of Battle



Esteer Order of Battle

2 x Base Long 5 8086 SAx15HQaHQaHQaRaYaRax5HQax2

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Re: The Republic of Cresson

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Month 10, 3 PD

Fm: Commander, CTRON 5 (Acting)
To: Commander, Task Force 5


1. Background. Late in Month 8, 3 PD, CTRON 5, operating as the close attack element of Task Force 5, was directed to undertake defensive patrols of the Cresson system to guard against an anticipated Esteer attack. Task Force 5, consisting of DESRONs 9 and 10 and CTRON 5 was joined by Task Force 2, comprised of DESRONs 2 and 5 and CTRON 2. Total force structure of the combined task force was as follows:

a. Task Force 2

2. 2 MADIA (FF 1)
3. 5 KNIFE (CT 1)
4. 1 KNIFE (CT 1) R1

b. Task Force 5

2. 2 SALOIS (DD 1)
3. 6 KNIFE (CT 1)

2. Action.

a. After patrolling the Cresson system throughout Month 9, early in Week 1, Month 10 a force of seven (7) Esteer Light Cruisers was detected heading in-system toward Cresson IV. The combined task force, under the command of Rear Admiral Koo, moved to intercept the Esteer force prior to their entering weapons range of the planetary orbital installations. RADM Koo based her battle plan on the range advantage the Mk 2 missile system conferred on the RCN forces, and using the RCN speed advantage held the range to approximately 4 LS while
maintaining a blocking position between the Esteer force and the planetary population.

b. Long range fire from the RCN DDGs eventually reduced the Esteer units's shields and armor. At that time, DESRONs 5 and 10 and CTRONS 2 and 5 were ordered to close an attack. The close attack elements of Task Forces 2 and 5 executed a pincer maneuver in an attempt to enable one of the close attack elements entry into the Esteer blind zones.

c. The Esteer force altered course to engage DESRON 10 and CTRON 5. During the attack run, formation integrity was compromised when CTRON 5 pulled away from DESRON 10. Consequently, the Esteer force concentrated fire on the elements of CTRON 5 to the exclusion of DESRON 10. The Esteer force concentrated fire in uncoordinated three-ship groupings, with the seventh ship engaging a third target. RCNS Facón (CT 25) (Commander, CTRON 5 embarked), Baladaw (CT 27), Bich'hwa (CT 28), were lost with all hands. Survivors from RCNS Hachiwara (CT 29) and Jambiya (CT 30) were recovered after the battle. RCNS Balisong (CT 26) incurred significant damage as was towed to the Cresson shipyard complex after the battle, where she is currently undergoing the Refit 1 modifications.

d. While the Esteer were engaging CTRON 5, the Task Force 2 close attack elements were able to maneuver into the Esteer blind zones and attack at minimum range. All seven Esteer light cruisers were destroyed; no survivors were recovered.

3. Analysis.

a. Post battle intelligence analysis of the wreckage of the Esteer ships resulted in the following tentative statistics of the Esteer Light Cruisers engaged during the Battle of Cresson:

CL Long 1 8083 (3) Sx8Ax2HQaHQaRa[IaIa]YaRa[IaIa]Ra[IaIa]Ra[IaIa]RaHQa (4/2)

b. The Esteer missile systems appeared to be approximately equivalent to the RCN Mk 1 missile system. That, when combined with the RCN speed advantage, enabled the RCN long range elements to maintain range at approximately 4 LS, where the Esteer return fire was considerably less accurate. However, the Esteer missile launchers outnumbered those of the RCN 35 to 8; despite their reduced accuracy, they were achieving nearly as many hits as the RCN. The inability to sustain that attrition is what led to the decision to commit the close attack elements.

c. The Esteer forces did not exhibit the use of data link.

d. Premature loss of the drive field is a recognized weakness of the KNIFE (CT 1) class, making them susceptible to missile fire as they make their attack runs. The Refit 1 modifications should serve to alleviate that weakness. One KNIFE (CT 1) R1 unit, RCNS KAIKEN (CT 31) participated in the battle, but did not come under fire.

e. CTRON 5, along with the rest of Task Force 5, completed its training shakedown in Month 8, 3 PD – the same month they were put on alert for this incursion. It is surmised that the lack of coordination between DESRON 10 and CTRON 5 was directly influenced by the minimal time the two squadrons have worked together. Additionally, CTRON 5 is a close attack element, while the units of DESRON 10 are intended to provide close defense of the long range attack element. The loss of Commander, CTRON 5 early in the engagement further contributed to the coordination issues experienced by the squadron.

4. Recommendations.

a. The current design of the close attack corvettes could benefit from improved protection from long range missile fire as they make their attack runs. Hull space limitations preclude the addition of a point defense system in the current design. Should the hull construction improvement project meet with success, consideration should be given to including a point defense system or increased shielding , or both, to future corvette designs.

b. Data linked salvo size of two DDG 1 class destroyers approximates that of one Esteer light cruiser. In a two-on-one engagement, the RCN superiority in missile technology and speed confers the advantage to the RCN. However, there are only 14 DDG 1 units in the entire fleet. It is imperative construction of the SAN BENITO class light missile cruisers be advanced as quickly as possible.

c. When possible, our missile destroyers should use their speed and range advantage to maintain the range as close to 4 LS as possible to wear down the ESTEER light missile cruisers. Analysis of the Esteer design indicates a lack of magazine capacity. The RCN units’ larger magazine capacity could enable them to attack from long range while the Esteer either expend their missile at the extreme limit of their range, or withhold fire until our close attack units close.

d. The CT 1 R1 modification will make those ships nearly 50% faster than the MADIA and SALOIS class ships. If the frigates and destroyers are to be used in close assault, they should be modified to their respective R1 refits to minimize the speed difference between the classes. Alternatively, they could be replaced with the TRIPPETT class destroyers which have speeds comparable to the corvettes.


LT Kurt Walraven
Commander, CTRON 5 (Acting)

KNIFE (CT 1) R1 (3) (AC) Sx3A1x3ZaHsH(ib)(Ib)(Ib)Qa(Ib)Fb (7/3)
Sx3 A1x3 Fbx1 Za HTK: 15
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Re: The Republic of Cresson

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Month 12, 3 PD

“We interrupt this broadcast for this Special Report….

“President Dominic Corbridge was killed in an apparent suicide bombing while visiting a capital city children’s hospital. Details of the bombing are unclear, but early reports indicate the bomber was a member of the hospital staff. Those same reports put the initial death toll at more than 30 people, many of whom were child patients at the hospital….”

“Turn it off.”

The Staff Intelligence Officer turned off the news feed and faced the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The rage burning in the Chairman’s eyes was enough incinerate a small moon. No small wonder, thought the S2, given the close personal friendship the Chairman and the late President had shared.

“Sir, in the hours since the assassination of President Corbridge we have learned or deduced several important facts.

“First, the bomber was not a member of the hospital staff. Instead, it appears the bomber had been surgically altered to resemble a member of the hospital staff who was found murdered in his apartment. Additionally, it appears the explosives were surgically implanted within the bomber’s body in order to spoof the metal detectors that had been installed at the hospital prior to the President’s arrival.

“Second, the level of sophistication of the attack, as well as the rapidity of their action, indicates a well organized and funded effort. This is especially disturbing when one considers the President’s visit to the hospital was announced only a few days ago, shortly after the airbus accident that sent those children to the hospital.

“Third, the usual terrorist message boards have been completely silent, which indicates either an unusual level of operational security on the part of the terrorists, or a completely new terrorist organization we have not heard of. I believe the latter to be the case, which brings me to my last point.

“A local news network received a taped statement from an organization calling itself The Bane claiming responsibility for President Corbridge’s assassination. We believe President Corbridge’s popularity is the reason the news network turned the tape over to us instead of airing it as an exclusive.

“We are still studying the tape – it runs approximately 15 minutes – but what little we’ve been able to glean from the tape so far identifies The Bane as a violently xenophobic organization opposed to the peaceful coexistence with alien species. The assassination was apparently in protest to the recent trade agreements made with the Zaxis Empire.

“The speaker in the tape is not in our database of known criminal operatives. We are reviewing imagery from various security and surveillance cameras in the area of the hospital and the murdered hospital staffer’s apartment. We have imagery that clearly shows the bomber leaving the staffer’s apartment and driving away in the staffer’s ground car. A few minutes later, two other men are seen leaving the apartment and driving away. The license tags on that vehicle do not match any of those registered to residents of the apartment complex. We are hopeful that fact will develop into a tangible lead.

“The stock market has apparently stabilized after losing approximately ten percent of its value. There appears to be widespread concern that President Corbridge’s economic policies may have died with him.

“As you are aware, Vice President Berkeley was sworn in as President by the Chief Justice shortly before this brief. We are scheduled to brief her on the current operational situation in a little less than an hour. With your permission, that brief will focus on our analysis of the actions we had with the Esteer here in Cresson and in Oshoru, and the current state of our shipbuilding programs.

“Pending your questions, that concludes my brief, Sir.”
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Re: The Republic of Cresson

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Month 14, 3 PD

“Lead, Sierra One. Negative visual on optics or thermal.”

“Lead, Sierra Two. Negative visual on optics or thermal. The blinds are drawn and thermals are whited out. They must have the heat cranked up in there.”

“Sierra, Lead: roger. Break. Team, Lead: negative sniper support. We go with Plan A. Flash bangs trough windows one and three, entry teams through doors one and two. Stand by… EXECUTE!”

The muffled whumph! of the flash bang grenades being shot was followed by the sound of shattering glass.

The sound of the grenades’ detonation was lost in the much larger explosion as the suspected terrorist safe house erupted in a ball of fire.


The S2 faced the Chairman and began his brief.

“Sir, early this morning Special Forces attempted a takedown of a suspected Bane safe house. We believe the house was booby trapped with a large gas bomb rigged to an acoustic trigger. The detonation of the take down team’s flash bang grenades triggered the bomb. Five members of the team were killed in the blast. A sixth member is in critical condition and is not expected to recover. There were numerous civilian injuries incurred by those living in the houses adjacent to the safe house, but no fatalities.

“Two bodies were discovered in the wreckage of the house. They appear to match the description of the two members of the Bane cleanup crew seen leaving the hospital staffer’s apartment on the day of President Corbridge’s assassination. Both men had been executed prior to the take down attempt.

“Right now, there are no active leads regarding the Bane.”


“None, Sir. We are still literally sifting through the rubble, but as of right now we have no further leads regarding the organization known as the Bane.”

“Very well. Continue.”

“Yes, Sir. We have received tipper information of a possible Esteer incursion in the Cresson system within the next four to six weeks. Task Force 5 is currently in system, and RADM Everett’s Task Force 1 is due back from Chanariish late next week. The two task forces and construction scheduled to come out of the yards within the month should provide us with sufficient assets to counter the anticipated threat. I will turn the details of operational deployments over to the S3.”

The Staff Operations Officer took the podium.

“Good morning, gentlemen. A quick recap of present deployments prior to the details of the defense of the Cresson system.

“As stated, Task Force 1 is en route to Cresson and should arrive within the next two weeks after their encounter with the Esteer in Chanariish. The original intent was to make a brief stop in Cresson to replace the two corvettes lost during the destruction of the two Esteer CLGs, reprovision, and continue to their patrol station of Osyre. In light of recent developments, Task Force 1 will remain in Cresson until the Esteer threat has passed.

“Task Force 2 remains on patrol in Elaema. Likewise, Task Force 3 is on patrol in Joshua, and Task Force 4 in Wheatland.

“Task Force 5 is currently in Cresson outfitting its new TRIPPETT class destroyers and SAN BENITO class light cruisers. Additionally, the DDGs of DESRON 9 are undergoing their R1 refits which should be completed prior to the Esteer incursion. The DDs of DESRON 10 and the CTs of CTRON 5 have already undergone their R1 refits. After they complete their outfitting, the light cruisers SAN BENITO and ALVIN will be attached to Task Force 5 as CLRON 1.

“Construction of the light cruisers CORSICANA and BALCH SPRINGS should be completed within the month. They will form CLRON 2 and will be attached to Task Force 1.

“Details of the combined assets of the two task forces, considering the addition of new construction, are provided in your briefing packages. In short, we expect to have four CLs, four DDGs, seven DDs and twelve CTs with which to meet the Esteer. Granted, the paint will still be wet on some of the ships, and their crews will be green as hell, but we feel confident this force is sufficient to handle ten to fourteen of the Esteer CLGs we have so far encountered.

“With that, gentlemen, I will turn the brief over to the S4.”

“Gentlemen, we presently have four SAN BENITO class lights cruisers, two TRIPPETT class destroyers, and two R1 KNIFE class corvettes under construction. Two of the cruisers, one of the destroyers and both of the corvettes will be completed within the month. It is possible, but unlikely, that the second destroyer will be available in time to participate against the Esteer.

“In addition to new construction, the DDGs PIETROWSKI and WINSLETT are undergoing their R1 refits. Both ships will be ready in time for the Esteer.

“We have just commenced construction of a Type 2 base station and a repair ship. Once the base has completed its operational testing, it will be disassembled and transported to Wheatland, where the repair ship will reassemble it.

“If there are no questions, I will turn the brief over to the S8.”

“Gentlemen, I regret that there is not much new on the R&D front. Research on the new hull construction techniques continues, but very little progress is being made. Likewise, our efforts with the long range sensors have stalled.

“Field testing of the external force beam is progressing, and the development staff believes it may be ready in the next couple of months.

“Gentlemen, that concludes my portion of the brief.”

The S3 returned to the podium. “Gentlemen, barring your questions, this concludes today’s brief.”



(4) (AC)Sx4A1x3ZaH(Bsa)Qax2[IbIb]MgRbx2[IbIb]DaMgRbx2M1Ya[IbIb][IbIb][Ib]QaDaFb (6/3)
Sx4 A1x3 Rbx4 Mgx2 Fbx1 Za Ya M1 HTK: 33


(3.5) (AC)Sx3A1x3ZaH(Bsa)Qa[Ib][Ib][Ib]MgRbx2Ya[Ib][Ib]QaDa[Ib]Fb (6/3)
Sx3 A1x3 Rbx2 Mgx1 Fbx1 Dax1 Za Ya XOax4 HTK: 23


(3.5) (AC)Sx4A1x3ZaH(Bsa)Qa[Ib][Ib][Ib]FbM1[Ib][Ib][Ib][Ib]QaDaFb (7/3)
Sx4 A1x3 Fbx2 Da Za M1 HTK: 23


(3.5) (AC)Sx3A1x6ZaH(Bsa)Qa[Ib][Ib][Ib][Ib][Ib]FbM1QaDa[Ib]Fb (6/3)
Sx3 A1x6 Fbx2 Dax1 Za M1 HTK: 24

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Re: The Republic of Cresson

Postby nukesnipe on Wed 01 Aug 2012 14:59

Month 8, 4 PD Martinique Deep Space

“…even though BONIER, MCLUCAS, KAI and NISTLER suffered engine damage on our run from Wheatland, all four have been able to keep up with the rest of the task force. The Engineer Officers on all four ships are still trying to determine how their engine failures caused the damage to their datalinks. It does not appear to be a class problem as the four ships represent two different destroyer classes. Sabotage has been ruled out due to the coincidental loss of the datalinks with the engines.

“The operating theory is that there was some issue with the installation of the datalinks that made them susceptible to the power spikes caused by the engine failures. As three of the ships were commissioned in the same month, that theory has some support; however, BONIER was commissioned ten full months before the other ships. The truth is, Admiral, that with the way the systems slagged themselves we may never know what happened.”

The Force Operations Officer had the good grace to look a bit sheepish at that last.

He continued, “We received the after action report for the action in the Meirith system. Task Forces 1 and 2 encountered an Esteer battleship. It was essentially the same design as their light cruisers, although twice as large. They lost one corvette taking it out. Here are the stats on the battleship.

Esteer Long 1 8753 BB SAx12HQaHQaHQaHQaHQaHQaMgRax4[IaIaIa]MgRax4[IaIaIa]MgRax4[IaIaIa]Rax3HQax2

As you can see, the primary difference between this design and the light cruisers we’ve previously encountered is the inclusion of missile magazines. Intel informs us that we may see one or two of these battleships.”

Rear Admiral Carissa Reutzel gave her Operations Officer a wry smile, “No problems, eh? Rear Admirals Everett and Foraker had eight shooters – including four CLGs - at their disposal, along with their attendant DDs, FFs, and CTs, while we get to possibly take a pair of these on with our four DDGs and escorts. Well, life’s not about fair, but it sure would have been nice if we hadn’t suffered the datalink issues.”

The ships intercom chimed. A stab of a button and “Reutzel.”

“Admiral, this is the Captain. We’ve picked up a sensor contact trying to slip astern of us. The drive signatures are unknown to us, but some of its emissions are confirmed Esteer. Oh, and Admiral?”

The shift if the Captain’s tone caught Reutzel’s attention. “Yes, Captain?”

“Whatever it is, it’s big. Really big.”


“Well, Admiral, look at the bright side: it’s not the two battleships we were concerned about.”

Retuzel gave her Operations Officer a withering glare, thinking to herself, “As God is my witness, I’m going to space his irreverent hide!”

She turned her attention back to the display and the contact they had tentatively classified as a dreadnaught. Assuming worst case that the thirty percent increase in size over the battleship design meant a corresponding increase in weapons, the DN could possibly have a nearly two-and-a-half or three to one advantage in launchers. Sniping from extreme range might not be an option. Her ships were overdue for refit, and lacked the new engines, sensors, and point defense systems that had been installed in most of the remainder of the fleet. Her speed advantage was tenuous as a result of the engine damage sustained on the run from Wheatland. Her one (hopefully) remaining advantage was the range of her missiles.

“Signal the fleet: We will close to four and a half light seconds and engage with missiles.” While it would hurt their accuracy, it should keep her ships out of the Esteer missile envelope.

The eight destroyers and six corvettes of Task Force 4 eased closer to the Esteer dreadnaught. At four and a half light seconds, RCNS BONIER and her sisters RHYNER, MCLUCAS, and THULIN commenced firing. RHYNER and THULIN’s datalinked volleys were followed closely by BONIER’s and MCLUCAS’s individual volleys.

RCNS BONIER shuddered from the cycling of her missile launchers. “Time to impact?”

“Five, four, … well, that’s not good. Admiral, the Esteer appear to have installed point defense systems in this design. We managed two hits, but the rest either missed the target outright or were destroyed by point defense.”

Retuzel nodded her acknowledgement, thinking to herself, “Well, we haven’t seen that before.” Aloud, “Ops, we’ll maintain this range and try to reduce his shields and armor before sending in the close attack elements.” For whatever reason, the Esteer appeared to have a fixation on the fleet little ships.

“Very good, ma’am. I’m sure CTRON 4 will appreciate that!”

“Lord, grant me patience”, thought Retuzel to herself.

The minutes wore on. Several times the Esteer attempted to close the range, but the RCN ships were able to hold their range while maintaining their fire.

“Shields down on Bogie 1!”

“About time”, someone muttered. Retuzel tended to agree. It had taken over a third of their missile inventory to knock down the Esteer’s shields. Eight nearly simultaneous missiles are not the same as eight simultaneous missiles, and the Esteer’s point defense was taking a toll on BONIER’s and MCLUCAS’s missiles. The two ships were doing well to land a hit out of every five missiles. Not that RHYNER and THULIN were doing much better.

One hundred and seventeen missiles later, “Bogie 1’s streaming air!”

“Admiral, we’re down to less than 30% missile inventory. We might have enough left to completely reduce the Esteer ship, but that would leave us dangerously low on ammo should another ship show up. It might be time to send in the escorts.”

Startled by his sobriety, Retuzel stared at her Operations Officer, wondering “Who are you, and what did you do with my Operations Officer?”

“That was our plan. I just didn’t expect it to take so long, or so much ammo. As briefed, DESRON 7 will continue long range supporting fire. DESRON 8 and CTRON 4 will attempt to flank and encircle the Esteer. With luck, that will divide his fire and open his stern to us.”

The ten ships of DESRON 8 and CTRON 4 hauled out of the formation and arrowed toward the Esteer.

During the entire engagement the Esteer had not returned a single volley. The close attack elements passed inside four light seconds, and still no return fire. Three and a half. Three.

Suddenly, the Esteer flushed its external ordnance racks. Sixteen projectiles lanced out and engulfed RCNS HIRSCHFÄNGER (CT 19). No one was sure how many actually hit her – the corvette simply ceased to exist.

“Sensors! What was that?!”

“I’m not sure, Admiral. They’re not missiles. Some sort of plasma weapon. Whatever they are, they are considerable more powerful that our missiles!”

“Ops! Close to three and a half light seconds!”

“Aye, aye, Admiral!”

The Esteer rippled a volley of the new weapons from her shipboard launchers. A little more than ten seconds later a second volley followed.

“Admrial, both volleys consist of eight salvos. They appear to be from the same eight launchers. The first volley is heading toward…”

RCNS CORVO (CT 24) became an expanding debris field.

“…and the second is heading toward…”

RCNS BIODAG (CT 21) followed suit.

RCNS DIRK (CT 20) followed fifteen seconds later, and RCNS DOLK (CT22) fifteen after that.

While the ESTEER was occupied with the corvettes, DESRON 8 had closed to within one light second. A dozen force beams savaged the Esteer dreadnaught.

“Bogie 1 drive field down!”

The Esteer managed one final volley before the missiles of DESRON 7 finished his destruction.

“Admiral, that last volley hit LUQUE hard. Shields down; drive down; streaming atmosphere. We’re trying to establish comms with her.”

“Get me Commander Martin when you can.”

“Yes, ma’am.”


“Admiral, we have LUQUE on the line.”

The look on her Operations Officer's face let her know she wasn’t going to speak with CDR Martin. Retuzel activated her comm screen.

An Ensign in a torn and charred tunic looked back from the comm screen, his right arm in a sling and half he head a mass of bloody bruises. His eyes didn’t seem to be focusing properly, and he was obviously unsteady on his feet.

The collar devices of a Supply Corps officer flashed underneath his tunic.

“Admiral, I’m Ensign Abernathy. I guess I’m the senior surviving officer on board.”

“You’re the Assistant Supply Officer, aren’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Well, fill me in on your status.”

“Yes, ma’am. We’ve taken pretty heavy causalties. The ship’s a wreck. We’ve got one engine room kind of working, but we can’t power up the drives and the shields at the same time. Ditto if we try to bring our remaining force beam out of standby. Our biggest problem…”

A flash of light lit up one side of the screen. The unmistakable sounds of an electrical fire and a cloud of smoke followed, along with a generous amount of swearing from off screen.

“Just a second, Admiral. Chief! Does that mean what I think it means?!”

More swearing followed by an angry “YES!!”

“Can you – “


Turning back to the comm screen, Ensign Abernathy continued, “As I was saying, Admiral, our biggest problem is our life support system just fried. The way we’re leaking air, the Chief tells me we have maybe an hour. We could sure use a lift.”

“We’ll send some shuttles over to pick up your crew.”

“One should be enough, Admiral. There’s only sixteen of us left.”

Retuzel paused a second before responding. “It’s on its way. Retuzel out.”


“Yes, Admiral?”

“Have KAI recover LUQUE’s crew. Once we’ve finished scrubbing the Esteer wreckage, we’ll scuttle LUQUE with missiles and head back to Cresson.”

“Aye, aye, Admiral.”


Task Force 4



Long 1 8890 DN XObx18 S1x23A2x26ZbHQeHQeHQeHQeHQePtrb[JbJbJbJb]DbYePtrb[JbJbJbJb]DbPtrb[JbJbJbJb]DbPtrb[JbJbJbJb]Ptrbx4HQeQa

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Re: The Republic of Cresson

Postby nukesnipe on Fri 17 Aug 2012 20:27

Month 1, 5 PD

The S3 glanced up from his notes at the standing room only crowd gathered for this morning’s special Staff meeting. It seemed as though every Deputy Assistant and Under-Assistant had found some reason to be here today. It wasn’t really that surprising; as hard as everyone had tried to control the rumors, word of the Month 13 battles had leaked. The Press was beside themselves. The fact they had no facts didn’t stop the Talking Heads from throwing around words like “massacre”, “fiasco” and “incompetence.”

“Hey, Ops! Any word on KATARA? My cousin’s the Commanding …” The Lieutenant’s voice trailed off at the S3’s glare. The S3 had known the Lieutenant’s cousin.


The Chairman’s arrival silenced all conversation. If he noticed the crowd, he gave no indication of it.

“Be seated.”

The S3 collected his thoughts and looked up at the Chairman. “Good morning, Sir. Per our previous discussion, we will deviate from our standard agenda in that I will be the only speaker. I will focus my remarks on a discussion of the battles of the past two months, near term operations, and the state of our shipbuilding programs.

“In Month 13 we countered Esteer incursions in the Cheneshmir, Elaema, Joshua and Martinique C systems. In each instance the Esteer force was comprised of a single unit whose class we have designated as Superdreadnaught. This class represents an increase in size of approximately 30 percent over the dreadnaught Task Force 4 destroyed in Martinique. As we had the wreckage of four of these units to examine we have a fairly good idea of their layout:

Long 1 9295 SD

“To put these ships in perspective, they are twice the size of the PARKER COUNTY battlecruisers, and nearly four times the size of the SAN BENITO light cruisers.

“The Esteer plasma missiles are about four times as powerful as our Mk 2 missiles. However, their accuracy seems to fall off outside of three light seconds, so we still have a marginal range advantage. We also hold a speed advantage over these ships, so we still have some control over the engagement range.”

The S3 took a moment before continuing.

“The Esteer apparently have some serious animus toward small, fast ships. Losses to our units were almost exclusively limited the corvettes. Twenty-one of the thirty corvettes participating in the four battles were lost. There were no survivors. CTRONs TWO, FOUR and FIVE were destroyed in their entirety. SUWAIYA was the only survivor of CTRON THREE, and she suffered significant personnel casualties.

“In addition to the corvettes, the destroyers LOHMEYER, NOVELLI and SALOIS were lost. In total, the exchange in hull spaces was approximately 3 to 2 in our favor.

“Following the battle in Elaema, Rear Admiral Foraker shifted all of the damaged ships of Task Forces 2 and 4 to Task Force 4 and took all of the undamaged ships from both Task Forces with Task Force 2 to meet the Esteer incursion in Chanariish. It is well she did.

“At the beginning of last month, the reinforced Task Force 2 encountered a single Esteer ship we have dubbed “Monitor”. We estimate the monitor at approximately 200 hull spaces, a roughly 20% increase over the superdreadnaughts we defeated the previous month.

“Statistics for the monitor are:

Long 1 9309 MT

“The corvettes YOROI TOSHI, BELAWA and SEME were lost during the destruction of the monitor. With the lost of those three corvettes, we now have only seven serviceable corvettes of the fifty-two we have built.

“Intel from the Traders indicates an Esteer incursion in Chorshen in the next four to six weeks. Rear Admiral Foraker departs with Task Force 2 at the end of the week to meet that incursion. As several of her ships were in the yards undergoing refit and repair, we have shuffled Task Forces 2 and 4 again. We also reassigned eight newly constructed MADIA class frigates to her. When she departs, Task Force 2 will consist of three light cruisers, two DDGs, two TRIPPETT DDs, and eight of the Refit 2 MADIAs.

“We had originally intended for the MADIAs to be squadron leaders for the corvettes. However, with the cancellation of future corvette construction, we have reassessed the role of the MADIAs. They are nearly as fast as the corvettes and are approximately 30 percent more survivable. Additionally, they have recently been refitted with point defense, something the corvettes lacked. We are considering adding external ordnance racks in the Refit 3 variant. Operating in five-ship data groups with the Mk 2 datalink, they should be able to salvo a 15 round volley of Mk 2 missiles as they make their attack runs.

“For now, we have ramped up production of the Refit 2 MADIAs as they are the largest hull we can produce in a single month. The plan is to equip five five-ship squadrons and assign one to each Task Force. We are considering building an additional five ships in order to set up a refit rotation, similar to what we did with the survey ships.

“PARKER COUNTY is still undergoing her post-shakedown availability. The PSA is taking longer than expected, but we expect her to leave the yards early next month. The plan is to build fifteen of the class equipped with the Mk 2 missile launchers.

“We have completed the fifteenth SAN BENITO and have started bringing them all to the Refit 2 baseline. CLRON 6 is the first three-ship datagroup comprised of the R2 ships. They are currently enroute to Cnir to relieve CLRON 1. CLRON 3 will be the next to be updated when they return from Chorshen.

“We have two variants of the DD-X on the boards. These are the ships originally intended to replace the corvettes.

“The first variant is based on three Mk 3 force beams, while the second is based on two rapid fire Mk 2 force beams. Both weapons are still under development, so we will not be seeing this class for several more months at least.

“Sir, if there are no questions, this concludes my brief.”


(4.5) (AC)S1x10A1x9ZbHtQaHQb(Bsa)Qbx2[IbIb]MgRb[IbIb]DzaMgRbx2[IbIb]DzaMgRbx2[IbIb]MgRbx2
M3(CICb)MgRbx2Yb[IbIbIb][Ib]QbDza[IbIbIb]Fb (5/3)

S1x10 A1x9 Rbx9 Mgx5 Fbx1 Dzax3 Zbx1 Yb (CICb) M3 XOax12 HTK: 64

SAN BENITO (CLG 1 ) Refit 2

(4) (AC)S1x4A1x3ZbHtH(Bsa)Qax2[IbIb]MgRbx2[IbIb]DaMgRbx2M1Yb[IbIb][IbIb][Ib]QaDaFb (6/3)

S1x4 A1x3 Rbx4 Mgx2 Fbx1 Dax2 Za Yb M1 XOax6 HTK: 34

MADIA (FF 1) Refit 2

(3) (AC)S1x4A1x6ZbHtH(Bsa)Qa[Ib][Ib][Ib][Ib]QaDaFb

S1x4 A1x6 Fbx1 Dax1 Zb HTK: 22

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Re: The Republic of Cresson

Postby nukesnipe on Wed 10 Oct 2012 19:17

Month 4, 6 PD

“Admrial, Survey Group 1 has departed the Nemo warp point.”

“Very well.”

Rear Admiral Marcowitz studied the plot, empty now but for the five blue icons representing the battle cruisers of BCRONs 2 and 4. As he contemplated those icons, he tried to quell the growing sense of unease he’d felt since being ordered through the Mirywien maser nebula to the barely explored Charysh system. His ships, collectively comprising the newly formed Task Force 6, represented the only maser capable warships in the RCN – and the only defense for Cressonian interests “north” of the maser.

Rolling his shoulders to loosen the developing knot, he reviewed the latest dispatch from Fleet Headquarters. KENEDY COUNTY (BCGM 3), released from the yards with over three hundred yard workers on board, was still two weeks out of Nemo. Her orders were to rendezvous with TF6 in Nemo. Outfitting of DESRON 17 and 18’s twelve EVERETT class DDs was proceeding on schedule, but wouldn’t be completed for another three months.

While he was confident that his five battle cruisers could take on a single Esteer SD, it was going to hurt.

“Multiple sensor contact! Definite Esteer drive signatures! Mass in SD range, class unknown!”

Three red icons materialized on the display. The Esteer’s cloaking systems had enabled them to position themselves to block the Nemo warp point. An hour sooner and they would have intercepted SG1. Thank God for small favors.

“Ops, spool up the drones and begin the data push. Let’s see if we can’t get out of this system.”

Month 5, 6 PD

“…”anticipate Esteer incursion in Nemo System in the next 3 to 6 weeks. Reinforcements not available. Retire to Mirywien.” Message ends.”

The message, intended for Rear Admiral Marcowitz, was intercepted by KENEDY COUNTY’s communications personnel. Captain Jacob Smith, Commanding Officer of the RCN’s newest battle cruiser, contemplated the message and the significance of Rear Admiral’s Marcowitz’ absence.

“Comms, message to Fleet: Rear Admiral Marcowitz and TF6 are missing and presumed lost. Retiring to Mirywein as ordered.”

Month 8, 6 PD

The door to the office opened, followed immediately by the aide’s announcement, “Madam President, the Chairman has arrived.”

“Thank you, Tom. Please show him in.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

A few moments later the Chairman entered President Berkeley’s office.

“Good morning, Madam President. I apologize for my delayed arrival, but I had difficulty disengaging from a meeting with a couple of MPs.”

President Alyson Berkeley looked up at the Chairman. At five foot eight, she didn’t often have the need to look up to people, but Admiral John Williams, Chairman of the Republic of Cresson Joint Chiefs of Staff easily topped six foot seven. A large man for sure, but all if it lean, intense muscle.

“No need to apologize, John; I know I caught you flat footed. Thank you for getting here as soon as you did. Please, have a seat.”

After they were seated she continued, “I need a candid appraisal of recent events. I realize my daily Intelligence briefings are intended to keep me in the loop, but they seem sterile – or perhaps too high level – and I can’t help but feel as though I’m missing something. Nemo, Charysh, Adayswen, Task Force 6 – they all have my Cabinet running around in tight little circles. Some of the Ministers of Parliament are convinced the situation is much worse than reported in the briefings; they’ve stopped short of making accusations of cover ups, but you can hear it in their subtext. I’m a big girl; give it to me neat, without the ice and water.”

The Chairman studied the President. What’s it been? A little less than three years since President Corbridge’s assassination? She’s handled herself well, all things considered.

“Madam President, I can assure you there is no cover up; the intel briefs are as accurate as the information we’ve had at the time it was presented. However, we’ve received communications from the Nanri that fills in some of the voids in our information.

“In hindsight, I believe we made a mistake colonizing systems “north” of the Mirywien maser before we’d built sufficient forces capable of transiting that nebula to provide adequate defense for the colonies. But, the T-class world of Nemo-4 was a prize worth the risk. Of course, the Nanri thought so, too, and beat us to it.

“In any event, as you know we began construction of the ships that would comprise Task Force 6 shortly after colonizing Nemo-2. Two new battle cruiser classes, the KLEBERG COUNTYs and HARRIS COUNTYs were laid down, along with the new EVERETT class destroyers. The plan was to outfit Task Force 6 with six of each battle cruiser class and twelve of the destroyers.

“Unfortunately, we’d only completed three of the HARRIS COUNTY beamers and two of the KLEBERG COUNTY missile ships when we received the tipper information regarding the Esteer incursion into Charysh. At the time, Survey Group 1 was in the Charysh system conducting probes of two recently discovered warp points while continuing to survey the rest of the system.

“Rear Admiral Marcowitz was dispatched with his five battle cruisers to meet the Esteer in Charysh. The last communication we received from him informed us he was transiting the Mirywien system. Based on communications with Survey Group 1 we know he arrived in Charysh prior to the Esteer. Survey Group 1 was ordered to depart the system, leaving the two probe ships on the other side of the warp points they were exploring. Survey Group 1 relocated to the Cerasa system where they observed two separate Nanri fleets enroute to Mirywien. The Nanri were apparently headed to Nemo to act upon the same tipper information we had regarding an anticipated Esteer incursion in that system.

“Construction of KENEDY COUNTY was completed a couple of weeks after Admiral Marcowitz’ departure. KENEDY COUNTY followed with orders to rendezvous with Admiral Marcowitz in the Nemo system. Based on the timing, we believe KENEDY COUNTY passed through the Mirywien system before the Nanri. We have had no communication with KENEDY COUNTY since her departure from Mirywien after debarking the yard workers.

“When we received the tipper information regarding the Esteer incursion into Nemo, we directed Admiral Marcowitz to fall back to Mirywien for reprovisioning after his engagement in Charysh. We never received an acknowledgement that those orders were received.

“The lack of communication with Task Force 6 led us to classify them as “Missing, Presumed Lost”.

“This information is already known to you, Madam President, and is as accurate as we understood it at the time. However, I mentioned earlier, we’ve recently had communications with the Nanri that shed light on some of the missing information.

“Our Free Trade and Offensive Military treaty with the Nanri was ratified a few weeks prior to the Esteer incursion into Nemo. I believe, if we are to be completely honest with ourselves, we all understand that treaty was an act of desperation due to our inability to protect our interests in Nemo and Cer. However, our concerns regarding Nanri intentions have proven to be unjustified. In fact, the sheer volume of technical information they have provided us is nearly overwhelming. Despite all of the progress we’ve made in the past six years, we don’t possess the tools we need to make the tools necessary to build some of the equipment for which the Nanri have provided us data.

“That’s not to say the treaty is a one-way street. The Nanri have pursued an entirely different drive and weapons philosophy than we have, and they are greatly interested in our developments along those lines. While it is unlikely we will ever achieve economic parity with the Nanri, I am confident that we be a capable ally against the Esteer once we rebuild and redesign our fleet.”

A side door to the office opened, and a steward entered to place a tray with glasses and a pitcher of water on the table between them. After pouring a glass for each, the steward retired.

Setting his glass down after taking a drink, the Chairman continued.

“According to the Nanri, the first fleet that passed by Survey Group 1 encountered KENEDY COUNTY in the Mirywien system. Captain Smith of KENEDY COUNTY placed himself under the command of the senior Nanri officer in accordance with our treaty. The combined force, consisting of KENEDY COUNTY and 38 Nanri Explorer and Escort class ships engaged an Esteer force of unknown size. It is believed they inflicted significant damage on two Esteer SDs; however, all 39 ships were lost.

“The second Nanri fleet observed by Survey Group 1 arrived in Nemo shortly after the first battle and destroyed two Esteer superdreadnaughts. We believe them to be some of, if not the same, forces that destroyed KENEDY COUNTY and her Nanri fellows.

“That was two months ago. At about the same time we and the Nanri were engaging the Esteer in Nemo, Task Forces 3 and 5 engaged three Esteer SDs in the starless Adayswen system. As you know from your astrography, that system is part of the primary trade route between us and the Zaxis Ascendency.

“Admirals Meggison and Landsman’s combined force successfully defeated three missile armed Esteer SDs. The Esteer have apparently shifted away from the plasma missiles we originally encountered and are now using missiles nearly identical to ours, albeit faster firing. The SDs were each armed with an estimated 25 launchers. Our beam equipped frigates and destroyers fared poorly while closing the range. By the end of the battle, we’d lost 10 FFs, 4 DDs, and 6 DDGs. The sole Zaxis ship in system was a small survey unit which was also destroyed in the fighting.

“Task Forces 3 and 5 have since retired to Elaema and Cnir, where they have joined with Task Forces 1 and 4, respectively, until we can replace their losses.

“Last month, at our request, the Nanri entered the Charysh system to eliminate any threat and to try to determine the status of Task Force 6. The Nanri engaged and destroyed six Esteer SDs at a significant loss to themselves. There was no sign of Task Force 6, whose status remains “Missing, Presumed Lost”.

“What has become clear to us is that given current Esteer ship design, our small beam equipped ships are incapable of closing the range and inflicting significant damage prior to being overwhelmed by the Esteer missiles. Our battle cruisers, especially the PARKER COUNTYs, appear to fare well against the Esteer. But, we do not have them available in numbers sufficient to counter the Esteer SDs we currently face. Nor are the PARKER COUNTYs maser capable.

“I mentioned a redesign of our fleet earlier. While we will continue to develop beam weapons, we will abandon the construction of beam-equipped ships for the time being. CAMERON COUNTY was the next KLEBERG COUNTY under construction. We delayed her construction to accommodate some redesign, and she is effectively a different class. For purely administrative purposes, we will make her the lead ship of the CAMERON COUNTY class. We will eventually refit the PARKER COUNTYs to the CAMERON COUNTY standard, which will simplify our logistics while providing us with added flexibility.

“We have also launched the first of a new class of missile equipped frigates. The KENNINGTONs are essentially a smaller version of our BURNINGHAM class DDGs and can be built in a month. We tried to incorporate a pair of the new Mk 3 missile systems in addition to the Maser Nebula Emitter systems, but were unsuccessful in doing that with the imposed size constraints. They will instead be equipped with a pair of Mk 2 missile launchers. We’ve also departed from our practice of equipping our ships with at least one beam weapon. That weapon was intended as a last ditch defense in the event the ship’s missile launchers were rendered inoperative. We’ve used the space for other purposes.

“Our shipbuilding plans are to complete the CAMERON COUNTY, work out the kinks, then start building them at a rate of one or two a month here in Cresson. Meanwhile the yards in Aledo, Sarita, Joshua C and Wheatland will commence building KENNINGTONs as quickly as possible. Once we have a solid cadre of MNE equipped ships available to defend the northern flank, we will start cycling the PARKER COUNTYs through the MNE refit. Eventually, we may refit the SAN BENITO light cruisers and the BURNINGHAMs with MNE. Probably the TRIPPETT class destroyers as well, but our focus will be on our missile ships at first.”

President Berkeley sat silently for nearly a minute searching the Chairman’s face. Finally, she asked the question he’d been expecting.

“Will it be enough?”

“Honestly, Madam President, I don’t know. The designs are solid and our tactics sound. We may need to expand our yard facilities in the outlying systems, but right now our capacity to build exceeds our capacity to pay. You’ve done amazing things with our economy, but the simple fact is these ships are expensive, even the frigates, to build and maintain in the numbers I fear we will need. We know we need to wean our way away from the smaller ships; they are simply too fragile to go against the Esteer SDs we are facing. And, given the way the Esteer seem to operate, I suspect they will start sending even larger ships against us in the not too distant future. While we have plans for a fast battleship, roughly 25% larger than our battle cruisers, we are not ready to start building them. Once we do, it will be nearly a year before the first is built, and each one will take the best part of six months to build after that.

“I promise you this, Madam President: so long as we have ships to fight, we will bleed the Esteer, and bleed them as badly as possible, before we let them burn any of our planets.”

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Re: The Republic of Cresson

Postby mavikfelna on Thu 11 Oct 2012 11:31

The Nanri ambassadress waited patiently in the comfortable Presidential Lounge. Her slim paw holding a data chip that she tapped against her upper knee as she waited. The lounge was built for a more erect bipedal race that liked to sit upon their tailless behinds but recently a proper Nanri couch had been installed and it was on this that she lay.

The slim form and verminoid shape of the Nanri often made the other races disdainful and dismissive of them, but like the common field mouse she'd been told they resembled they were resilient and resourceful. Rebechi, the ambassadress, was glad the Cresson saw the later traits rather than let the former ones blind them.

The Trade Guilds of the Nanri were prolific and profitable and they had expanded the influence and income of the Nanri to every species and planet they could gain access too. It was in relations to this that Rebechi had asked for this meeting.

She rose as President Berkeley entered the lounge. The President offered her hand and Rebechi responded in the odd human way of shaking hands. The President looked slightly perplexed at why she had been asked to meet with ambassadress on such short notice.

"Greetings Ambassador Dejabu, to what do I owe the pleasure?"

Rebechi's reply was in a lightly accented Cresson standard, "Madam President, thank you for agreeing to meet with me so soon. I know we have imposed on you muchly in recent times. We do so with the hope that our species and governments can work together peacefully to preserve us all from the ravages of the Esterr. In that vein again The Supreme Guildmaster has required me to give you this."

She held out the deceptively small data chip. "This is the complete astrogation data for all of our known space." She let that sink in for a moment while the President struggled to keep the surprise out of her expression. "In particular we have marked 8 systems of interest as points of contact with other nations or known or suspected Esterr strongholds.

"The Supreme Council of Guildmasters has granted rights of free transit for any and all Cresson vessels throughout Guildworlds controlled space; Tariff and inspection free. It is hoped that you will use this to contact the other races and open trade between yourselves and them. The many Trade Guilds of the Nanri are interested in boosting your ability to trade further with them so they have also generously offered to help in any such trade deals you are able to obtain."

She tried to smile in the human manner while her rounded ears perked straight up and her whiskers quivered in as positive a was she was able.

The President looked at the chip with both elation and suspicion. The Nanri had been generous, extremely so, and it was hard not to look upon their favor suspiciously. What sort of game were the little mice playing was going through her head as she let her left hand, now holding the chip, drop to her side."

"I'm not sure how to respond Ambassador. Your offer is beyond generous, as has everything you and your people have done for us since we signed our new treaty. If you will pardon my being blunt, why?"

Rebechi returned the President's gaze with some confusion in her expression. "We are allies against the Darkness that threatens all life are we not? If Light cannot prosper, we cannot win. I accept that the Guilds are more powerful than your nation, but does that not mean that it is our responsibility to nurture the Light you bring? The Light is always greater when more of it is together and the Darkness creeps in when the Light fails to gather."

The President smile back. "So the only reason your are doing this is because the Esterr threaten everyone?"

"No, Madam President. I mean it is the Esterr that make our actions urgent, but nurturing the Light and defeating the Darkness, beating back the Chaos that devourers all life is the most cherished ideal of my people. You and your people fight that fight and it is wonderful to have allies who will join us in the fight."

A steward opened the door and nodded quietly to the President. She shook her head with a bemused look and looked at the ambassadress' eyes. They were alien eyes, large with a blue iris that filled much of it, eyes adapted for a much dimmer environment than Cresson. She smiled, "Thank you Ambassador. I will see to it that this information is used appropriately. If you will excuse me, I have another meeting I need to attend to."

"Of course Madam President. And thank you for everything you and your people have done. Our losses have been extremely heavy of late and it is a blessing to have such stalwarts as you are along side us."

With a bow, Rebechi watched the President walk out of the room and the followed the steward that appeared out of the Presidential Office.
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