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PostPosted: Sun 20 Jan 2013 17:20
by nukesnipe
Month 13, 7 PD, Decordova, Republic of Cresson

Lieutenant Commander Ricardo “Iggy” Martinez studied his display on the bridge of RCNS DINICOLA (FF 20). The Esteer had brought a pair of superdreadnaughts with them this time. Superdreadnaughts were hard on frigates, especially beamers like his MADIA-class DINICOLA. The five MADIAs of DESRON 11 had been augmented by a pair of the new Refit 2 KENNIGNTONs, the prelude of the MADIAs’ eventual conversion to the missile box launcher configuration.

Surveying the display, Martinez sought to find comfort from the blue icons representing the combined strength of TFs 4 and 5. Nine BCGs, including three of the new LA SALLE COUNTY box launcher ships, six SAN BENITO light missile cruisers, and nearly forty KENNINGTONs, MADIAs, BURNINGHAMs, TRIPPETTs, and SALOISs faced a pair of angry red icons. Outnumbered and outgunned, Martinez had no doubt the Esteer SDs would be destroyed before reaching the twin planets of Faith and Hope.

But, damn, it was going to be hard on the frigates.


Month 14, 7 PD, Cnir, Republic of Cresson

“Dear Mrs. Martinez,

“It is with a heavy heart and sincerest regrets that I must inform you of the loss of your husband, LCDR Ricardo Ignacio Martinez, due to enemy action in the Decordova system on 22.13.7.

“Your husband’s ship, RCNS DINICOLA (FF 20), was part of a combined task force charged with the defense of the Decordova system. On 22.13.7, we intercepted a pair of heavily armed Esteer warships en route to the twin planets of Faith and Hope. During the ensuing action, your husband’s ship was heavily damaged while conducting a close assault on an Esteer superdreadnaught. Streaming atmosphere, with shields down and having suffered significant damage and heavy casualties, your husband nevertheless interposed his ship to shield his seriously damaged squadron mate, RCNS WOLAVER (FF 21), from intense Esteer fire. While successful in the defense of RCNS WOLAVER (FF 21), your husband’s ship was unable to intercept all of the enemy torpedoes and was lost with all hands.

“Words cannot express the sorrow I feel at Iggy’s death. Iggy was one of my best frigate commanders, a man whom everyone could rely upon in difficult situations. He was well-liked and respected by his seniors, peers, and subordinates. His actions during the Battle of Decordova not only saved the RCNS WOLAVER (FF 21); they were instrumental in the defense of the Decordova system. He gave his life protecting you and your daughters on Faith. I pray that may provide you with some measure of solace.

I am always your humble servant,

Carissa Reutzel, RADM, RCNS
Commander, Task Force 4”

RADM Reutzel read the handwritten letter one last time, then placed it with its nineteen sisters in a neat stack on her desk. Leaning back in her chair, she pinched the bridge of her nose in an attempt to quell the incipient headache she felt forming. Things had been quiet on Cnir station for nearly two years…two years? Had it been that long since TF5 arrived battered and bruised from the Battle of Adayswen? TF5 had been operating with TF4 ever since that battle. We were still replacing the frigates they’d lost. Task Forces 6 and 7 had primacy on maser-capable replacements for the defense of Charysh station. That had become even more important with the discovery of the immense Hico trinary system with its 3 T and 1 ST planets and asteroid belts. Fleet HQ was going crazy trying to get forces out there to defend the new colonies.

Wheatland’s yards have been expanding and producing frigates as rapidly as possible. The yards in Decordova are almost operational, and those in Cnir and Godley should follow a few months later. Perhaps then HQ could start dedicating some serious replacements to TFs 4 and 5.

Reutzel’s musings were interrupted by the beep of her intercom. “Admiral, Chief-of-Staff here. We just received flash traffic from HQ”


Month 2, 8 PD, Fleet HQ, Cresson, Republic of Cresson

“You may begin”.

“Yes, sir.” The S3 referred to this note cards, then addressed the staff.

“Admiral, in response to the Zaxi invocation of the mutual defense clause of our trade treaty, Task Forces 1, 3, 4, and 5 have been diverted to Adayswen in preparation for further movement to Zaxi Alpha. We have taken on responsibility for the defense of that system, and if possible, Zaxi Beta, from projected Esteer incursions. RADM Meggison has been placed in command of the combined task force with RADM Reutzel as her second. The combined force is understrength in frigates, and the admirals have been instructed to take no unnecessary risks in the possible defense of Zaxi Beta.

“Have we received any intel on this Yngling Star Empire that has the Zaxi tied in knots?”

“No, sir. We have no contact with them, which is why the Administration has limited our assistance to responding to Esteer incursions in local Zaxi space. We do know the Nanri have a trade treaty with the Zaxi, but we do not know what, if any, military options they may have.”

“Very well. Proceed.”

“Yes, sir. RADM Rede has submitted her post-action report on the action in Ethaoclya earlier this month. Task Forces 6 and 7 intercepted and destroyed a trio of kinetic weapon-armed Esteer SDs. Eighteen frigates were lost in the action, and RCNS REMMERS received significant damage.”

“REMMERS? Didn’t she get slapped around in Cerasa a few months ago?”

The S3 failed to stop a wry smile before responding. “Actually, sir, it was Fortaleza exactly a year ago yesterday.”

ADM Williams considered that for a moment, then matched the S3’s smile. It was the rare frigate that survived an Esteer slap down, let alone two. “You think they might want to share a bit of their luck with their squadron mates? “

“Would you, sir?”

“Probably not. Proceed.”

“Construction has commenced on three new ship classes. RCNS CRESSON was laid down in Aledo this month and should take about a year to build, as is to be expected for our first superdreadnaught. Sarita yards began construction on the BELLATRIX-class survey destroyers, and Tolar yards began construction on the FANNIN COUNTY scout battlecruiser. The BELLATRIXs will replace our unarmed PATHFINDER survey ships while the FANNINs will be assigned to the Task Forces as scouts and to the Survey Groups as command ships.

“If there are no further questions, sir, that concludes this briefing.”

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by nukesnipe
Month 6, 9 PD, Fleet HQ, Cresson, Republic of Cresson

“Attention on Deck!”

The S3 braced to attention as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff entered the briefing room. Did Admiral Williams seem tired? Gods know everyone is tired, especially given events of this year. 9PD started off with a bang and hadn’t showed any signs of slowing. Six months into the year and the RCN had met – and defeated – the Esteer five times. Task Force…

“You may proceed.”

“Good morning, Admiral, staff. Today’s brief is in preparation for next month’s semi-annual Presidential Operations briefing.

“In Month 2 Task Forces 1 and 3 repulsed an Esteer incursion in the Eserosh system. Esteer forces comprised six kinetic-weapon armed monitors, all of which were destroyed. RCN losses included 54 frigates – nearly two thirds of the escort screen of the two Task Forces.

“Two months later, Task Force Four, supported by the battlecruiser elements of Survey Groups Three and Four, responded to an Esteer incursion in the newly discovered Eustatius system. Our response in that system was humanitarian as the The Kingdom of Cendalith, a pre-space flight culture, was unable to defend itself. Admiral Reutzel’s rendezvoused all forces in the Anyrosh system , the proceeded into Eustatius. Once in system, the survey battlecruisers were detached to investigate an anomaly thought to be a warp point signature. Instead of a warp point, they stumbled across an Esteer superdreadnaught and his escort of six corvettes. The Esteer ships were lying doggo near an asteroid field. The first indication the Esteer were anywhere near the area was when they opened fire. BREWSTER COUNTY and BRISCOE COUNTY were lost. COLLIN COUNTY was able to limp into the Azle yards where she is undergoing repair. Considering the FANNIN COUNTY class survey battlecruisers have only 30% more combat capability than a Refit 2 KENNINGTON-class FFG, the five battlecruisers gave a pretty good accounting of themselves.

The following month, Month 5, Task Forces 2 and 3 destroyed seven Esteer monitors in the Casu system, losing 67 KENNINGTONs in the process.

Earlier this month, Task Force 1 defeated a force of seven Esteer monitors in the Godley system, at a cost of two TRIPPET-class destroyers, and one MADIA- and 50 KENNINGTON-class frigates. Task Force 7 also engaged seven monitors in the Fortaleza system, losing 53 KENNINGTONs.

Intelligence reports indicate a possible Esteer incursion in the Annetta system next month, and in Afardowien the following month. Task Force 1 has been dispatched to Annetta, while Task Forces 2 and 3 are on their way to Afardowien. We are funneling every available frigate to reinforce the Afardowien task forces.

The first of the Refit 3 KENNINGTON’s started builder’s trials this month. These ships are approximately 15% larger than the Refit 2s. They have nearly 60% more armor and shielding, newer engines, an additional box launcher, improved point defense and maneuvering packages, and the new Mk 3 external ordnance racks. For the foreseeable future, these will remain our standard fleet escort. They will be deployed in squadrons of 25 ships, with four squadrons assigned to each Task Force.

If there are no questions, this concludes this today’s brief.

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by nukesnipe
Month 3, 11 PD, Fortaleza, Republic of Cresson

RADM Fumiko Anthony watched as yet another explosion racked the battlecruiser WILLACY COUNTY. Given the rate at which the ship was losing atmosphere, she was surprised there was enough oxygen to support the explosion. The Fleet’s battle might be over, but WILLACY was still fighting for her life.

CAPT Erwin Danz, her Chief of Staff, quietly cleared his throat to catch her attention. Time to face the reality.

“Ma’am, we have the rough After Action and Casualty Report.

“The Esteer force comprised 15 long-ranged heavy monitors, all of which have been destroyed. Our losses included 6 battlecruisers, FANNIN, HILDALGO, ZAPATA, CAMERON, BROOKS and STARR; all 9 of the EVERETT class destroyers, and 93 KENNINGTON R2 and R3 frigates. WILLACY COUNTY continues to fight internal fires. Given the extent the ship is holed, CAPT Fleagle is hesitant to vent the affected compartments to space, so they are attacking the fires manually.”

“What is Chase’s prognosis of saving his ship?” Gods know we need the space for any frigate survivors we find.

“He’s confident they can put out the fires and restore atmosphere to most of the living spaces. But, he’ll need MISS MARGARET’s support in getting his engines back on line and estimates three months in the yards to become combat effective. We’ve sent a drone to MARGARET instructing her to beat feet here as quickly as possible. She should be transiting from Mirywien in the next 10 or 12 hours.”

“How is the SAR effort proceeding?”

“We’re picking up survivors as quickly as we can, mostly from the battlecruisers; there’s hardly any debris left of the frigates, let alone survivors. One of ATASCOSA COUNTY’s shuttles was damaged by an explosion while rescuing personnel from FANNIN COUNTY, and UVALDE COUNTY is presently running her life support well into the red. As is everyone in the Fleet.”

“Anything else, Erwin?”

“Not at this time, Ma’am.”

“Thank you.”

Turning back to the view screen, Fumiko let her thought drift. One hundred and eight ships. The better part of 20,000 sailors. Gods! The Esteer went through the frigates as though they were candy. Will this ever end? This was what? The fourth time we’ve fought them in Fortaleza? Ashynder six months ago, and Tolar two months before that. Ereriweth and Eustatius were in 1/10, and Drirania the month prior, 14/9. Afardowien was in 8/9. Annetta was 7/9. Godley and Third Fortaleza were in 6/9.

Squaring her small frame, RADM Fumiko Anthony turned from the view screen to retire to her cabin. She had a hundred and eight letters to write. And a bottle of Scotch to drink. Something to anesthetize the hurt in her soul. And, perhaps, keep the tears at bay.