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''classic starfire''

PostPosted: Sat 08 Mar 2014 19:13
by Kurbul
Hello, I'm new on these forums and just making sure i am in the right place.
the rules i have are black and white, paper covers, starfire (1992) and imperial starfire (1993)
is that 'classic' starfire?

Re: ''classic starfire''

PostPosted: Sat 08 Mar 2014 19:36
by Albireo
Yes, those two publications are known as :
3rd edition Starfire boxed, and
3rd edition Imperial Starfire boxed.

These are collectively called Classic Starfire.

Re: ''classic starfire''

PostPosted: Sat 08 Mar 2014 19:46
by Albireo
Someone can correct me if I am wrong.

It took me a while to figure out ( and I am continuing to learn ) , but SDS released a paper printing known as :

3rd edition Revised Starfire ( maybe 1998 ? )

If you buy the Classic Starfire CDROM, ( probably 2012 ? ), then you recieve the :

3rd edition Revised Starfire PDF , and
3rd edition Revised Imperial Starfire PDF

These are also collectively called Classic Starfire.

Re: ''classic starfire''

PostPosted: Sat 08 Mar 2014 20:17
by Kurbul
thanks for the info.
is there a list of what is 'revised' in the newer versions?
i have played tactical starfire twice and am thinking of starting a solo imperial starfire game to work through the rules.
i met xveers from this forum in person and he suggested coming to sds to look around.
we talked a bit about the newer version of starfire he plays (sorry, cannot remember which one) and next time i see him i'll ask which ruleset he uses (unless he reads this and replies?).
i hope to get one of the pdf rules so i can start hosting games in an up to date ruleset.

Re: ''classic starfire''

PostPosted: Sat 08 Mar 2014 21:41
by Albireo
I am still trying to figure out all of the developmental history of Starfire, but I tell you what I sort of know. ( I am still learning as I go. )

Someone can correct me if I am wrong.

3rd edition Revised SF PDF and ISF PDF includes the following all rolled up into them :

- the original 3rd edition SF and ISF boxed,

- Sky Marshal # 1 , various errata ,

- Sky Marshal # 2 various revisions ?
( I do not know which revisions are included and which are not ? I guess depends on year of publication.
The current is revision # 5 on the CDROM.
I also have revision # 4 from an earlier CDROM. )

- various selections from EC = Electronic Communique # 1 - 58 ?

Anything that has been published but not adapted into 3rd edition Revised, probably can be house rule adapted into your game for your personal Gaming Freedom Fun and Prowess. ;)

The following supplements are considered to be 3rd edition,
and some of the technologies within them have been merged, adapted and balanced, or deprecated as optional,
into the 3rd edition Revised SF and ISF.

- Crusade supplement ( Theban war, technologies and scenarios )
- The Stars at War supplement ( revised scenarios from ISW1, ISW2, Gorm-Khanate war, ISW3 )
- ISW4 ( scenarios Grand alliance vs Arachnids )
- Insurrection ( scenarios Terran Civil War )
- non-cannon Alkelda Dawn
- non-cannon First Contact ( I think ? )

I believe the UTM = Unified Tech Manual was developed after the release of 3rd edition Revised,
but was designed to be compatible with it, or supersede them.

4th edition is Galactic SF boxed + Elite supplement.

5th edition is Ultra SF PDFs on CDROM

6th edition is Solar SF, and is currently undergoing revisions.

7th edition is anticipated to called Cosmic SF.

Re: ''classic starfire''

PostPosted: Sat 08 Mar 2014 23:57
by Albireo
There are a lot players who write fiction stories about the empires they are playing.

and I believe Xveers writes about his deWulf Universe.

Re: ''classic starfire''

PostPosted: Sun 09 Mar 2014 02:01
by Cralis
You can always read our introduction page with the complete history of STARFIRE:

A couple points:

* The only difference between the printed versions of CLASSIC STARFIRE from the '90s and the electronic versions we have released is either: as a scan, there is no difference; or as a non-scan, we reformatted and rebuilt the introduction so it had current publication information instead of TFG's information. Otherwise the rules are untouched from the previous version(s).

* The Unified Tech Manual is a non-Weber supplement that the SDS has in electronic format. It was not developed by Marvin, is not an official product, and can only be purchased by request.

* Cosmic Starfire is not part of the numerical sequence of editions. Right now it is frozen as Crucis has real-life stuff to deal with, but if it is finished, we aren't sure where we are going to put it in the sequence.