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Comments on Fiction

PostPosted: Sat 19 Jan 2013 14:19
by Vandervecken
When I get some fiction up, this is where the forum users can make comments on it. By turn #10 I'll have an idea which empire will be my main viewpoint empire, but I'll probably write a few blurbs from the other 2 main empires perspectives as well. I'll try to get at least a short piece up by early February. If I get a lot of overtime maybe a longer piece as my job lets me do stuff most cannot while at work.

Re: Comments on Fiction

PostPosted: Wed 23 Jan 2013 15:56
by procyon
I saw your WP rules in the Cosmic forum and just haven't jumped into that one much.
I already post on enough things, figure I should keep my mouth closed every once in a while... ;)

But I really like the 'WP Stretching' rules you came up with.
No worries about trying to pair up bunches of dissimilar vessels and rolling to see what got taken out, along with the issue of odd vessels and halving the HS, etc, etc.

Just a flat chance based on the type of vessel and how much you are trying to cram through.
Stuff to much - and it just doesn't end up where you thought it would.
Very slick. I like it.

Re: Comments on Fiction

PostPosted: Wed 23 Jan 2013 20:27
by Vandervecken
I prefer rolling ever ship for WP 'stretch', but I have a computer on every floor (although 2 are ancient) and It only takes a few seconds to type in a Random Number formula into an excel sheet and copy it 20, 50 or 110 times. Sort function is helpful with the results, eh? For times where its a dozen rolls or less, I'll just roll em out with dice. For my Solo campaign, its easy-peazy. For someone else in a multi-player WP assault without a computer (especially a portable laptop), maybe using % amounts would work best for them.

Re: Comments on Fiction

PostPosted: Wed 23 Jan 2013 20:40
by procyon
It wouldn't be hard even with dice.

Just roll one die for every ship (of a certain size/class). If it comes up equal to tens of the top percent - reroll it and see if you get the ones. Everything else either makes it or not. It wouldn't be very hard.

Now, my players would still roll for each and every ship as they RP it and would want to know which ship it was, but your method would reduce the 'angst time' as I call it as they struggle over which ship to pair with which ship to try and figure out which ones they want to risk on a particular roll (ie, do I pair high and low grade so I don't lose a pair of high grade ships, or do I pair the high grade ships and reduce the chance that I lose any...etc, etc, hours later still waiting to begin rolling while the player struggles over how to pair up the ships....)

So I like your way. No 'angst' over what to pair, etc.
Just commit the ships, and roll.

Re: Comments on Fiction

PostPosted: Wed 30 Jan 2013 20:48
by procyon
You asked for thoughts on your 'bent space' mod.
(By now you should know better than to give me an opening... ;) )

We use a variation on that in our games, but WAY simpler.
Yours is neat, but tracking all the decimals would drive us to distraction... :?

We just set a simple mod of -1 to all 'to hits' for every multiple of 10 DF units in a hex.
So 9 ships is ok. 10 is -1, 20 is -2, etc.

We toyed with the idea of setting it up around the number of HS in a hex (ie, every 500 HS or some such would be -1, etc...). But when we looked at gen hulls (with CLb at 51HS, CAb at 67HS, etc...) - we were back to needing a calculator to figure it out. :roll:

When we set down to design ships, or do the turn sheets - calculators are fine. :geek:

When we set down at the table top for a battle - calculators are a bad thing.

Dice, charts, counters, map, and ship lists - to be immediately followed by rolling, sweating, taunting, cussing, and the occasional celebration. But no calculations other than simple to hit mods or adding up BASVs (which we tend to list at the bottom of ships designs for each range band (with/without D) just so we don't have to do much extra math and slow things down.)

But that is us. The table top is time for in depth calculated actions, not in depth math calculations. 8-)

So we love the idea to force the ships to break up. Just not the math.

Re: Comments on Fiction

PostPosted: Tue 12 Mar 2013 01:50
by Vandervecken
Will try to get another Daniswar POV story out by this time next week. Really want to continue the Hiver story as well but with Daughter's 'Wizard of Oz' play [4 shows] and one evening already booked to watch 1st 4 episodes of season 2 of 'Game of Thrones' on Blue-Ray at a friends house, and final touch ups to empires at Turn # 15 break (Fully update maps, reorder system data, etc.); getting a second story in this week may be a tall task. Especially at the speed that I type, hehehe.

Re: Comments on Fiction

PostPosted: Tue 12 Mar 2013 15:10
by procyon
Vandervecken wrote:1st 4 episodes of season 2 of 'Game of Thrones'

I almost made it through one episode.
Luckily the kids weren't home...


And as part of the 'typo police'...
Some of the new ship designs seem to wander back and forth between Rb and Ra...


And before I start picking at the designs, any that seem to wander back and forth between Rb and Ra seem to not have the HS between design and ship type matched. It looks like you probably designed them with Ra, then switched to Rb, but didn't alway acount for the change in HS between the systems. But that is just my guess.

Re: Comments on Fiction

PostPosted: Tue 12 Mar 2013 19:14
by Vandervecken
Thanks Procyon:

These are updated designs for Rb equipped vessels of the methane breathing Eisss. My worksheet had RB at 4 HS which was a typo, I knew it was supposed to be 3 HS but didn't even think to check the numbers. Thats why I put them out here. I know that the Eisss designs are not optimized, so I look forward to hearing what anyone would do in item placement differently. Maybe the Eisss will learn from their mistakes, maybe not, hehehe. I'm playing them all (empires and NPCs) fast and loose as, if I can get a game going with others later this year, they all will be newbees.

Updated designs:

Military Class 3 [Perch]
287.2 / 43.1
CTf / 16 HS / 14 HTK
[3] S A Hs (Ja) Mgs (Ja) Mg Rb Ya Rb (Ja) Qa (Ja) [8] (Rb x2)

Military Class 4 [Sockeye]
720.3 / 108.1
CL / 45 HS / 30 HTK
[4] S S S S A A A (Ja) Mgs Qa (Ja Ja) Rb (Ja) Rb Mg Rb Qa Mg Hs (Ja Ja) Rb Lb Rb Ya Rb (Ja) Qa (Ja Ja) [6] (Lb x1, Rb x6)

Military Class 5 [Walleye]
688.3 / 103.3
CL / 45 HS / 33 HTK
[4] S S S S S S A A A A A (Ja) Mgs Qa (Ja Ja) Rb Mg (Ja) Rb Qa Hs (Ja Ja) Rb Lb Ya Rb Rb (Ja) Qa (Ja Ja) [6] (Lb x1) (Rb x5)

Defender Class 1 [Puffer]
661.0 / 33.1 MC
BS2 / 50 HS / 33 HTK
[0] S S S S S S S S A A A A A A A A Qa Mg (M1) Rb Qa Rb Rb Mg Qa H Rb Ya Rb Lb Rb Qa Rb (0) (Rb x7) (Lb x1)

Edit: Ra now are Rb. thanks again Procyon.

They, the Eisss, were going to start with Ra but I decided that they could take a small hit somewhere else and start with BETTER missiles. To only cost 4 MC more and be 3/4th the size and longer range is very powerful to start with.

The 6-8x2 (Hivers) had some experience in battles (Hunderds of years ago) so anyone who has ideas on making their designs meaner would help too.

Re: Comments on Fiction

PostPosted: Tue 12 Mar 2013 20:15
by procyon
It looks like you fixed the HS issues.
Now you just need to get all the Ra's to Rb's....

Re: Comments on Fiction

PostPosted: Wed 13 Mar 2013 20:56
by Vandervecken
Even with J engines, I think that the 'Missile Queen' (and others) will have some advice for the Eisss. Many players have their most experience in using Standard Missiles, and its tree as their most familiar LRW group.