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Re: Comments on Fiction

PostPosted: Thu 18 Oct 2018 05:38
by Vandervecken
4 years.

I love my wife, I love my wife, I love my wife - My flash drive with this campaign saved on it was used by my wife for her schoolwork (pictures from her years of teaching). It is full of them. There still is a gaming folder on the drive, but this and 2 other starfire campaigns (Eoghantodd's and Lomn's "The Price of Destiny" are empty. My Sysgen tables are gone, along with Elminster's sysgen program. My own space empire building rules are nowhere to be seen (but they are backed up on secondary computer upstairs). I have Paper copies of my SysGen, but hours and hours of hard work making an excel sheet that does most of the work is toast. I had been working on a Hive Warfare game, the current iteration is on my primary computer, but all the history of my earlier versions, 15 years of modifications and additions, is no more. I got a lot of pics of students doing fun things - I even know 1 or 2 of them (some will soon have kids that my wife will teach in a few more years); but save for a physical folder with the data on the Methosian/Jopunjab 2nd battle at the WP in the Starfire rules box; this forum is my only link to that campaign. So I re-read everything this morning. It took hours, I cried for a few minutes. I hope there will be more campaigns Solo or multiplayer in me before I fade into the ether (like my data). I've had this computer for over 2 years and never got around to getting the data transferred to it (2TB hard drive - so it could easily hold my data and barely make a dent in its capacity). But I didn't. But a part of me hurts, I spend a lot of work-nights doing this campaign and the others. And the SysGen stuff taught me a bit about EXCEL, AstroGeology, and myself. If someone has a copy of my SysGen worksheet (Cralis, or the 4 others who asked for a copy) Please PM me and I'll be forever grateful to get a copy of it back in my computer.

Re: Comments on Fiction

PostPosted: Thu 18 Oct 2018 16:01
by Cralis
That made me cringe so hard I might have bust a blood vessel or two. Heck that makes me want to cry... I’m so afraid pf data loss I have at least three current backups on three different kinds of media. And now MDiscs too. AND I carry the thumbdrive backup on my person just in case an asteroid lands on my house.

I sent you the last copy I received of your sysgen. I wish I could do more... let me know if I can. I’ll do a more thorough search for documents you might have sent to me when I’m back at home and not on the phone.

That’s tough. All of my kids and wife have their own thumbdrive, so if they boogered up mine...

Re: Comments on Fiction

PostPosted: Fri 19 Oct 2018 05:35
by Vandervecken
I think I'll take one of the races from this campaign and start an entirely new one - It might be one of the Main three, it might be one of the NPCs. I'm a gamer, if I can't pick one, I'll just Pray to the 'RND' God and see what she will roll for me. I'll use all the others as NPCs as they are needed. In the sudden true death of one campaign, will 'The Phoenix Campaign' arise.

Thanks for sending me the Excel sheet for my SysGen, that will save me a ton of time. The old computer upstairs has a blank copy of my turn sheets I used for 'The Price of Destiny' campaign (actually a slight upgrade from the one I used for my 'Three Empires' campaign). I spent over 2 hours going thru a lot of folders looking for possible copies of stuff both Starfire, and stuff I was also working on like my own game designs. Can't find my Godzilla picture files (but they were not on the overwritten flash-drive). Had over 400 pictures saved over 1.5 decades of web browsing Godzilla sites (was gonna make a card game at one time) but King Ghidorah, Gigan, and Destroyah must have attacked the file and it has disappeared from my computer. When I get paid next, I'm going to buy a good pair of flash drives and do a whole lot of backing up. My wife had the right idea, she just didn't think of what she was removing, not knowing that my back-ups on that flash drive, were the only place my data was because, hey, we have 2 computers, each with at least a TB of storage. But now she has back-ups of some wonderful times from her first dozen or so years of teaching. So at least her memories were made safe.

Re: Comments on Fiction

PostPosted: Fri 19 Oct 2018 09:59
by Cralis
I don’t have network storage yet (too expensive) so I try to do the following:
1. keep a copy on a second internal HDD
2. keep a second and third copy on flash drives. one I leave at home, one I always carry on my person

I use a microsoft tool called SyncToy to keep these backups synchronized and up to date.

And earlier this year I bought a portable MDisc DVD/Bluray. The discs used to be extremely expensive but I’m seeing MDisc DVDs for a dollar or less and 25GB MDisc bluray for $3. Oh wow the 100 GB bluray version is less than $5 each in bundles! Soooo much cheaper.

Ahhh with knowledge all becomes clear. It looks like the original company folded and the investors took over, making deals with several companies like verbatim to make them more widely available. Interesting.

Why is this important?

The DOD did a study that showed that under normal wear and tear, MDiscs were projected to last up to 1000 years before they would be unreadable.

So yeah. I’m making archives on MDisc now. And using a portable writer so I can plug it into any machine to do it.