Turn 0 (Pregame)

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Turn 0 (Pregame)

Postby JoeBuckeye on Wed 31 Jul 2013 19:02

The pregame turn 0 had these decisions made.

For units the following was the breakdown:

Survey Fleet: 17 x Wright EX, 26 x Glenn ES

The Survey Fleet operates as one unit at the start of the game.

Battle Fleet: 10 x Allen CT, 7 x Columbiana FG, 5 x Wayne DD

The Battle Fleet is broken into 6 Squadrons at the start, squadrons 1-5 consist of 1 x Wayne DD, 1 x Columbiana FG and 2 Allen CT with the Reserve Sqn (the 6th one) consisting of 2 x Columbiana FG.

The 1st, 2nd and Reserve Sqns are all in orbit of Columbus while 3rd, 4th and 5th Sqns are out at the 3 open WP's in the system.

Other: 3 x Scioto BS1, 1 x Garfield FT2(T), 2 x Grant FT0(H), 1 x Hayes FT0(Q), 3 x SY Def SA, 3 x SY Def SAR

Each WP gets 1 x Scioto BS1 for defense purposes (in addition to the Sqn's mentioned above). The FT's are waiting around Columbus while the Space Station modules are obviously attached to the Main Shipyard Core module in orbit of Columbus.

Extra funds in each were used to buy st for the survey vessels.

The home system is called Ohio with a homeworld of Columbus in the second orbital shell.

The rest of the home system is has follows:

Orbit - Type
4 - H - Normal
9 - T HI=5 - Rich
14 - B - Rich
24 - AST-B - Rich
44 - G - n/a
84 - AST-F - Normal
164 - I - n/a

Among the Desolate moons there are 2 Very Rich, 1 Rich and 1 Normal. I rolled very few moons in this system. And I realize that I must have forgotten to roll for moons for the I planet in the 7th orbital shell because I don't think an I planet can have zero moons. Oh well, some local flavor.

The 100 x IU all went to Columbus while I spread the 100 x PTU across all 8 survivable bodies in the system. With the 2 Extreme locations (the H planet and the AST-F) costing double for placement.
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