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Re: Turn 1

PostPosted: Sat 03 Aug 2013 00:10
by PracticalM
The amount of Qv has been consistently GPV/100 the only issue is if that Qv is also allowed the 1/10 capacity rule. As the rules are written all the way back to GSF the answer is no. But since I was in and then ran the GSF play test campaign, the 1/10 capacity was the rule used even if that isn't what is written.

Re: Turns 1-10

PostPosted: Sat 03 Aug 2013 01:41
by Cralis
SCC wrote:I remember reading at some point that the in-system CFN got scaled right back to prevent unlimited in-system colonization per turn, that's what I'm talking about

That was a bug-fix, not a nerf. And that was for GSF, thus the GSF ELITE fix mentioned above :)