Month 16

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Month 16

Postby JoeBuckeye on Thu 08 Aug 2013 19:55

Month 16

3678 MC

3366.2 MC from OH
297.4 MC from PA
14.4 MC CFN Leasing Fees (8 x H, 4 x Q)

1594 MC

1395.7 MC

EL 832.7 MC +10 RP = 10 RP Total, Chance = 0%

RDS1 - Dev Lb (+10 RP = 40 RP) 70.6 MC, Chance = 16%
RDS2 - S SL2 (+10 RP = 40 RP) 30 MC, Chance = 16%
RDS3 - Dev (Bsb) (+10 RP = 30 RP) 54.6 MC, Chance = 6%
RDS4 - A SL2 (+10 RP = 40 RP) 30 MC, Chance = 16%
RDS5 - X SL2 (+10 RP = 50 RP) 30 MC, Chance = 26%
RDS6 - I SL2 (+10 RP = 50 RP) 30 MC, Chance = 26%

SA1 - Random Breakthrough, 10% chance = 100 MC
SA2 - Random Breakthrough, 10% chance = 100 MC
SA3 - Focused Breakthrough (open Yc branch), 10% chance = 200 MC

0 MC

First Richland class CL building, should be done in Month 19, about 55% done.

610 MC
25 PTU to Fargo, ND (Harsh) 550 MC
3 PTU to Blue Ash (Desolate) 60 MC

0 MC

Nice income boost from the EL Growth Bonus this month.
EL increase lowers target RP for SL2 related research and Item Development.
Researchers indicate that they believe they can work in developing a method to mount missiles on the exterior of a ship's hull if funding was provided (XO tree opens automatically when EL3 is attained).
Colonization is shifted from PIttsburgh, a Normal Hostile ST planet, to Fargo, a Rich Harsh moon. It is limited by the number of Qv available to the CFN. Previous colonization efforts didn't approach this limit due to the targets either being in Ohio or in a neighboring system. The effort to colonize Fargo is 2 systems from Ohio so it requires full CFN usage. The colonists sent to Blue Ash, OH use the free in system CFN, the limit there was funding.
The 4th Squadron (formerly part of the Pennsylvania Task Group) moves to Fargo, ND to provide defense for the new colony established there this month. A new North Dakota Task Group is formed. The organization of the Navy needs to be re-examined in light of how the Republic's colonies are spreading out.
Survey Group probes WP3 in Kentucky, discovers a single Red star system and names it Wyoming. It consists of 1 V planet, 2 G and 3 I with 6 barren and 6 frozen moons. A pretty poor system, not a good candidate for colonization. It is the first system with planets discovered so far to not contain an asteroid belt. Survivable Body survey is completed and the 6 barren moons are 2 x VR, 1 x R and 3 X N while the 6 frozen moons are 3 x VR and 3 x N. WP survey is also started.
The researchers looking into bigger and better sensor report success (Yc branch opened by Focused Breakthrough succeeding). The idea seems promising but much research is needed before we can develop a useful system (Yc SL2 is a critical project and requires two success rolls).
Development of the (BsB) system is completed and the researches have also discovered a possible way to enable multiple ships to coordinate their fire on one target (rolled a breakthrough on dev completion and it was applied to opening the Datalink tree).

A very busy month.
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