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Postby olivertheorem on Wed 07 Aug 2013 20:25

I haven't thought up justifications for the names in this post yet. That'll come later.

Andom, as the system natives call it, is a red star, all alone in its corner of the galaxy. Being red, it is still quite young, as stars measure such things. Well, as they would measure such things, if they could. Eight planets orbit Andom, many showing the mineral benefits of previous generations of star deaths in the area.

One light-minute out from Andom lies Nebra, a small tide-locked planet, which is itself orbited by a small moon. All indications thus far indicate that despite the inhospitable conditions, both planet and moon are very rich in resources for a burgeoning galactic empire.

Three light-minutes distant from its star lies Maenali Prime, the homeworld for our nascent empire. Rich in various resources, this large [ST] world seems to have stolen much of the resources available to its moon, which seems fairly average in that regard.

Venturing two more light-minutes away, we find Vaalbara, a large, barren world orbited by a single moon. While Vaalbara itself is fairly nondescript in potential wealth, it's moon would appear to be a decent nearby colonization option, with sensor readings thus far indicating it is fairly rich in exploitable resources.

Andom's fourth planet, Adonis, lies nine light-minutes away. The first gas giant in the Andom system, it is orbited by three impressively rich moons, though the planet itself is possessed of little by way of resources. Which is just as well, considering nobody could live there long enough to use them.

Eight light-minutes further out orbits Britain, another gas giant. Orbited itself by four moons, there appears to be little exploitable resources here, save in the two outermost moons.

33 light-minutes away from Andom, we find Lyrae Prime, a frozen ball of rock in the midst of the outer gas giants. It's deadly status to our beginning empire is to be pitied, for the planet seems quite rich in resources that are absent from its two moons.

The icy gas giant Bes lies seventh from Andom. Orbited by four frozen moons, the planetary system shows minor potential due to the mineral richness of three of the moons.

Last, and honestly quite possibly least, of Andoms planets is Gelthua. Another icy gas giant, even larger than Bes, Gelthua prevents exploitation of its mineral riches due to being, well, a huge icy gas giant, and its single moon is possibly to hazardous to justify trying to access its riches.

Andom is also surround by four warp points. Three of these are easily found by the inhabitants of Maenali Prime, but the fourth is somewhat more concealed than the others. Who knows when it will be found...or where it will lead.

The four WP are laid out as follows:

WP1 - 3 sH distant, Open Type C, on radian 4
WP2 - 23 sH distant, Open Type B, on radian 12
WP3 - 20 sH distant, Open Type A, on radian 4
WP4 - 9 sH distant, Concealed Type F, on radian 3 (don't it figure that the largest WP is the one they probably can't see yet)
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