Church of M'Khera defined

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Church of M'Khera defined

Postby olivertheorem on Sat 10 Aug 2013 19:08

Below is a general outline of the "theocracy" part of the Federal Theocracy I rolled for my race's government.

Chief Dieties:
Koutrer, god of truth and creation
Tesif, god of names

Secondary Deities:
Doakrin, god of warriors and resurrection
Orym, god of the moon
Rothin, god of lust
Nedel, god of the plains
K'th, goddess of knowledge
Touali, god of tournaments
Alozah, goddess of pity

Symbol: image of a poisonous plant in front of a full moon
Holy Color: saffron

General Doctrine: Koutrer and Tesif together made and named everything. The Church of M'Khera has been specially commissioned to carry the truth of the M'Kheran pantheon to all peoples on their planet [successful, seeing as they are the world government], and then on to the stars, to make all things subject to the M'Kheran pantheon.

I love random generators. There are few other details, but I'll toss those in as story elements later as opportunity presents.
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