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Turn 0

PostPosted: Fri 23 Aug 2013 20:51
by olivertheorem
Finally getting this posted. Anything in brackets [] is a reference to the manual or official definitions. I modified some names of things for flavor purposes. My income/expenses for the upcoming month are at the end. Enjoy!

30 N’Masi, Year of M’Khera 236

It was a meeting like most any other meeting: necessary, yet excruciatingly boring. The Chosen, seventh since the Chosen who had overseen the Church’s victory over its opponents on Maenali Prime and himself previously high priest of K’th, waited patiently for a minor dignitary to finish his presentation regarding using currently uninhabited islands to be converted to farmland (never mind that there was little actual dirt on them) so that the major items could be brought up. Ever since the Chosen Victorious (as he had come to be called) had turned the Church’s eyes to the heavens, the only thing most Chosen really cared about was furthering that goal. Finally the dignitary finished, leaving the floor to up-and-coming diplomat Mothy Willey [LG 1], who had apparently been tabbed to give this particular presentation.

“Greetings, Chosen,” said Willey with a prominent bow. He was widely known for his charm; indeed, he had no known political enemies, quite rare for one in diplomatic circles [Peacemaker]. “We have a number of subjects to cover today, where would you like to begin?” “How stands our overall economy? I have heard much today of small parts of it, but no complete picture,” responded the Chosen. “Chosen, Maenali Prime is now home to 1,045 Productivity Units [PU]. In addition, we have another 15 Productivity Units hard at work on Adonis 1 and 105 major factories [IU] in operation here. All told, they are producing 1,377 Mega-credits worth of income,” reported Willey.

“And what of our research efforts, how is that going?” asked the Chosen. “Our researchers are hard at work, but we have no recent results to cover from this last month, Chosen. The team at the Goldwilde Science Academy continues to work toward developing a long-range set of spacecraft sensors [Focused Breakthrough in Yc], while the Esterwolf Science Academy continues to perform general research [Random Breakthrough]. Our scientists at the Mallowall Academy are continuing their work on improving the armor we use on our spacecraft [SL2 in Armor], and are beginning work on an improved space tractor system [SL3 in Tractors]. Work at our smaller research stations is also proceeding well. The Strongwyn station feels they are close to a major breakthrough with regard to economics [EL research, 22% chance]. The Stoneacre station is still in the early stages of research on improving our smallcraft designs [SL2 in Smallcraft]. The Lightmoor and Corhedge stations both think they are close to important improvements in our kinetic weapons [SL3, 6% chance] and scientific instruments [SL2, 10% chance], respectively. The Freydale team is starting work on a newer model of kinetic weapon [Kb], and the Silvercoast group is starting work on an improved electronics suite for our spacecraft. That is the sum total of our research efforts, Chosen.”

“Thank you, child. Finally, please go over the state of our space forces, if you would,” asked the Chosen. “Gladly, Excellency,” responded Withey, “For that report, I will turn the floor over to Rear Admiral Willy Sonels, recently arrived from the Home Fleet.” With that, Sonels stood and proceeded to the podium. Somewhat tall but otherwise nondescript, Sonels was something of a fast riser in the small Church Navy, along with military academy friend Wayny Wilson, also a rear admiral and commander of the Navy’s construction station. “Chosen,” Sonels began with a sharp salute, “Our space forces stand ready to begin expansion of the Church’s reach. We have our first strike group in service with the Home Fleet, composed of a single Paragon-class command vessel, two Enterprise-class long-range combat ships, and four Dragonfly-class close-combat vessels. In addition, we have two Sprinter-class couriers, one of which is currently attached to the Home Fleet and the other assigned to accompany Expeditionary Force 1, itself composed of four Pathfinder-class research vessels. Four more Pathfinders are in orbit near our space station in mothball status until needed. We have a grand total of 24 freighter ships currently leased to various shipping companies [CFN]: 13 Nomad-class, 6 Traveler-class, 3 Wayfarer-class, and two Lifeline-class. The terms of lease for the final two ships mandate that they remain in-system at all times so as to be easily reclaimed should they be needed to support distant operations by the fleet. Two Lance-class troopships are also in mothballs, but can easily be returned to service when required. Our total maintenance costs are currently 623 mega-credits per month, but we are gaining 211.8 MC per month due to the freighter leases.” His report finished, Sonels stood at ease as he waited for the Chosen to speak.

“Very well, Admiral. To close this meeting, I would like to address the Navy’s request to attempt transit of Warp Point 1 by Expeditionary Force 1. This request is approved. The Navy shall proceed as proposed and report to me with utmost haste. It is time for our arm to grow longer.”

Income Statement

Taxes: +1,377.0 MC
Leases: +211.8 MC

Fleet Maint.: -623.0 MC
8 EL2 RPs: -300.3 MC
Focused Breakthrough (Yc): -100.0 MC (5%)
Random Breakthrough : -50.0 MC (5%)
10 Armor SL2 RPs: -66.0 MC (first RP brings total to 10, so additional 6 MC paid for that one as part of startup)
5 Tractor SL3 RPs: -87.6 MC (x2 startup cost)
10 Smallcraft SL2 RPs: -72.0 MC (two RP to satisfy double-cost for first 10, then 8 more)
10 Kinetic SL3 RPs: -87.5 MC
10 Science Inst. SL2 RPs: -60.0 MC
5 Electronics SL2 RPs: -60.0 MC (x2 startup cost)
5 Kb RPs: -53.8 MC (x2 startup cost)

Remaining: 28.6 MC

The Church really needs to hit EL2 to bring the research costs down.

Edit: Properly accounted for startup costs. Thanks to Elminster for the catch.

Re: Turn 0

PostPosted: Sat 24 Aug 2013 02:38
by Elminster
Not to throw any wrenches into your calculator machines (or the kobolds within), but you have to pay the x2 startup cost for all projects, not just the items, except EL research. As a reminder, you have to pay the x2 for the first 10 RP of a project, even if you buy them 1 per month.

Also, don't keep money in the treasury if you can buy IU with it. Even if you sell it the very next month, it is more profitable than the 2% interest.

Re: Turn 0

PostPosted: Sat 24 Aug 2013 02:49
by SCC
He also seems to have gotten the levels backwards, he's at EL 1 but several of his SL'2 are at 2

Re: Turn 0

PostPosted: Sat 24 Aug 2013 12:52
by olivertheorem
Elminster: The projects without the double-cost startup noted have RPs already, thanks to the random tech rolls, and so they are deemed previously started. At least, deemed such by me. I'll need to double-check which ones have less than 10 RPs initially. Some do, some don't. Never saw the rule that said the x2 was for the first 10 though. I'd thought it was the first turn, but the first-10 rule does make sense, so you don't have players buying just 1 RP the first turn to get around it.

Edit: Found it. Right at the beginning of N5. Going to have to change a few costs, I think.

SCC: The dice said I was EL1 (I rolled for EL against a base of EL2 and it came out 1 less than that, so EL1). Then, being EL1, I would up with most all the open trees at SL1, so I'm buying SL2 RPs for them. A few came out SL2 (one came out SL4). That's why they need the increase to EL2, so the per-RP math changes in their favor.

I justify it as they were making a huge tech push until now, and they were a little stupid and got ahead of themselves (with regard to cost).

Re: Turn 0

PostPosted: Sat 24 Aug 2013 15:27
by Elminster
Ah, yes, ok, you rolled your race like a NPR. Then I, too, would say, if they have ten or more RP already in a project it will suffice the rule. :)

Re: Turn 0

PostPosted: Sat 24 Aug 2013 15:36
by olivertheorem
Turned out there were two projects impacted. One had 9 RP to start and the other 8. The numbers in the OP have been updated accordingly.

Which also bumped the money remaining under 30, so no IU possible anymore.