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Turn 1 (final)

PostPosted: Mon 02 Sep 2013 17:55
by olivertheorem
Below is my first month, as processed. Please look it over and confirm it's correct (both order and the math). I'm planning on doing the narrative write-up tomorrow night. The order is straight from section J, and anything not mentioned just doesn't apply.

Population Growth (note: .8% growth)

Maenali Prime - +8.4 PU, total 1053.4 PU
Adonis 1 - +0.1 PU, total 15.1 PU

Calculate Revenue

Planetary Revenue: 1387.2 MCr
CFN Lease Revenue: 211.8 MCr

Total Available: 1599.0 MCr

Pay maintenance

624.6 MCr maintenance paid on active fleet

Pay everything else

Purchase 8 EL2 RPs: 300.3 MCr
Fund focused breakthrough in Yc: 100.0 MCr for 5% chance
Fund random breakthrough: 50.0 MCr for 5% chance
Purchase 10 SL2 RPs in Armor (19 total): 66.0 MCr
Purchase 5 SL3 RPs in Tractors (5 total): 87.6 MCr
Purchase 10 SL2 RPs in Smallcraft (18 total): 72.0 MCr
Purchase 10 SL3 RPs in Kinetics (55 total, 6% chance): 87.5 MCr
Purchase 10 SL2 RPs in Science Instruments (46 total, 10% chance): 60.0 MCr
Purchase 5 SL2 RPs in Electronics (5 total): 60.0 MCr
Purchase 8 RPs toward Kb development (8 total): 86.2 MCr

Write movement orders

Exploratory Fleet 1 ordered through WP1 via tightbeam comm on 1st of month, standard survey SOP

Move spacecraft/convoys (PLEASE check this. I'm pretty sure it works per the rules, but not 100% sure. the EX have 4 strategic movement and the ES only has 3.)

TP1: EX-1, EX-2, ES-2 transit Andom WP1 to new system
TP2: no movement
TP3: ES-2 transits Alpha Columbae WP1 to Andom, broadbeam comm of “All clear” plus basic system info & WP surge data
TP4: EX-3, EX-4 transit Andom WP1 to Alpha Columbae
TP5: ES-2 transits Andom WP1 to Alpha Columbae
TP6: no movement (WP survey to begin next month)

Record survey, exploration, and R&D discoveries

Survey: System 0002 identified as single-star blue-giant system. No planets. WP survey begun.
Exploration: N/A
R&D: EL2 – SUCCESS! 20 rolled, 22 required
Focused – failed, 62 rolled, 5 required
Random – failed, 96 rolled, 5 required
Kinetics – failed, 51 rolled, 6 required
Science Instruments – failed, 26 rolled, 10 required

EL advancement effects

+10% growth next month
Increase max pop, build rate
Decrease SL/item RP cost

Re: Turn 1 (trial)

PostPosted: Tue 03 Sep 2013 16:37
by Cenalt
Strategic movement looks a bit off from my understanding of the rules. Your EX with an Ica has a cruising speed of 4 (maximum speed from ship hull table in the construction tables). Per the pulse movement chart (Table C2.03) speed 4 moves on strategic movement pulses (StMP) 1,2,4, and 5. You have them moving on StMP 1,4, and 6. StMP 6 is not available for a speed 4 ship, and per the strategic movement rule Q1 if a unit chooses not to move, for any reason, a turn in which it is scheduled to move, it loses that StMP. Similarly, the speed 3 ES should move on pulses 1,3, and 5 rather than the 1,5, and 6 that you indicate.

Re: Turn 1 (trial)

PostPosted: Tue 03 Sep 2013 19:39
by olivertheorem
The ES is moving on 1, 3, and 5. I think you may have confused it with the EX-2 that is also in the same fleet.

That said, you were correct on the EX movement, so I will need to edit that after redesigning the ships.

Re: Turn 1 (trial)

PostPosted: Tue 03 Sep 2013 21:07
by Cenalt
I stand corrected on the ES, had misread it. Carry on!