Month 1 - Radu

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Month 1 - Radu

Postby olivertheorem on Sat 07 Sep 2013 13:16

Month of Radu, Year of M’Khera 236


The Chosen was alone in his office, working his way through the various new-month reports that, though necessary for the functioning of the Church, were the bane of his existence. Finally, he came to one of the few that actually interested him, the Church’s estimated income statement.

From the report, it looked like Maenali Prime had picked up a few Productivity Units [+8.4 PU], while the mining outpost on Adonis 1 had increased employment a bit [+0.1 PU]. All told, the Church’s accountants expected to take in just over 1,387 mega-credits over the course of the month. It was a good thing too, considering how expensive the Church’s research efforts had gotten.

After accounting for maintenance on the Church’s fleet, all of the Church’s income was going to be spent on various research projects. The Chosen scanned the list of projects in progress: general economic development, a project trying to develop a bigger-scale sensor suite [Yc], improvements in a number of existing technologies [see Turn 1 thread], and work toward developing a newer model of the Kinetic Gun in service on the Church’s capital ships [Kb]. Very expensive, all told, since most of the projects were straining the boundaries of the empire’s infrastructure. The Chosen hoped something happened to change that, and soon.

Near Warp Point 0001-1

The captain of the Pathfinder, military designation EX-1, stood silently on the bridge, looking out at the stars through the bridge viewport as he collected his thoughts. He would be addressing the crew, not only of the Pathfinder, but of the entire First Exploratory Fleet soon, before they ventured to realms unknown. The fleet was composed of four Pathfinder-class vessels, the Pathfinder itself and the first three sister ships to be built. Accompanying the explorers was the Endeavor (designation ES-2), one of two picket ships in service with the Church’s navy. The captain had to admit to himself that he was nervous; sure, the scientists could do their studies and their estimates, but it eventually came down to people like him and his men to actually find out if they were right. The captain heard a beep come from his bridge station at the same time as his communications officer made the announcement that the broadbeam array was ready for his speech.

“Men of the Navy of the Church of M’Khera, I salute you,” began the Pathfinder’s captain. “You represent the bravest Maenali Prime has to offer, for only the bravest of men would dare to attempt what we have been ordered to do. Men, as some of you may have surmised, we have been ordered to attempt to cross the first Warp Point discovered by our scientists, to see what may lie beyond. Every one of you has been preparing for this moment since you joined the Navy, honed to a razor’s edge. Your captains have a copy of our orders, including the plan for transit. I trust each and every one of you will perform your duties to the best of your ability in this effort. Our transit begins now. Pathfinder out.”

With the speech over, the captain called to his XO to sound general quarters, then to his helmsman to begin movement to the warp point. The plan called for the Pathfinder to transit first, followed by the Escape (EX-2) and then the Endeavor (ES-2). The Light (EX-4) and Star (EX-5) would be waiting on the home side of the warp point for the Endeavor to return and give notice that it was safe to transit, as well as a report on the results of a basic scan of whatever lie beyond the warp point. Only then would the remaining Pathfinder-class ships join their sisters in the new system. If the Endeavor did not return…well, that would mean that all three ships were lost for reasons unknown, and the warp point would be off-limits for a very long time. The captain shrugged off that thought, as his helmsman counted down to contact with the warp point. “10 seconds to contact….5, 4, 3, 2, 1, CONTACT!”

20 days later, newly-minted system Alpha Columbae (designation 0002)

The Endeavor’s crew quickly recovered from the effects of transiting the warp point, having done it for the third time in less than a month now. The Endeavor had just made its return trip from the Andom system, home to Maenali Prime, after giving the all-clear message to the Light and the Star, so they could transit the warp point, and sending a tightbeam message to Maenali Prime reporting on what had been found in the new system, which had been named Alpha Columbae by the chief scientist on the Escape shortly after arrival. That first arrival had actually been rather anticlimactic to the Endeavor’s captain, considering that he had been harboring thoughts of a system much like home, with planets and moons and such to explore. Instead, they had emerged about 5.5 light-hours away from a massive blue giant star. As any crewman with any sense of astronomy could have guessed, there were no planets, not even an asteroid belt; just a massive star belting out huge amounts of radiation. The captain saw the four Pathfinders a short distance away on his viewscreen, and he ordered his ship toward them to take point as the five ships moved off to see if there were any more warp points to be found in this new system.

Strongwyn Research Station (RDS-1), on Maenali Prime

The chief scientist at the Church’s research station in Strongwyn stretched as he tried (and failed) to stifle a yawn. It was late, even for him, and the Radu was growing old. The Strongwyn station had been tasked several months ago with orchestrating the empire’s economic development, and while progress had been steady, the entire staff was growing tired and hopeful that soon they would find the breakthrough they had been looking for to revamp the empire’s economy (and let them move on to something else). “Oh well,” the chief scientist thought, “There’s always tomorrow.” With that, he began to pry himself out of his chair and head back to his home nearby.

As he gathered up some materials to take home, he heard what sounded like frantic footsteps and muffled yelling out in the hall. It must be loud for him to hear it, what with all the soundproofing in the station so that the scientists didn’t disturb each other, mainly with the not-so-infrequent arguments that cropped up. Unexpectedly, there came a loud bashing on his door, accompanied by more unintelligible yelling. “Come in, whoever you are! The door isn’t locked,” the chief scientist called out, wondering who could be so eager to get in.

“Chief! We’ve got it!” yelled a clearly overly-excited associate scientist as he burst through the now-open door. The chief couldn’t even remember his name, and his name tag seemed to have fallen off his lab coat at some point. “Got what?” asked the chief. “The breakthrough! I am part of Research Team Delta, and we finally figured out how we can totally revamp and improve the empire’s economy! We’ve been double, triple, and quadruple-checking everything for the last six hours, but we’re certain now.”

Previously tired, the now-alert chief dropped everything and shoved the associate towards the door. “Enough talk, let me see what you’ve got!” he snapped as he closed his office door. Two hours later, a high-priority message was sent to the capital in Goldwilde. The Church had its economic breakthrough.


Note: The above is to be considered to be in rough chronological order, though time frames are made up by me and not derived necessarily from the rules. Items in brackets are references to the actual numbers in the Turn 1 thread.
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