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A new beginning!

PostPosted: Fri 29 Dec 2017 05:16
by VoidStalker_WoE
A new beginning, and starting off a new year! In this, the second attempt to put up some good content, I have shifted my efforts away from SSF, which I was unsuccessful in mastering, and now am attempting to make a run on the opposite end of the spectrum. I have several ideas for this, and am going to want to work on them as time and opportunity permit.

The first thing I am going to be doing is talking about some extensive 'home rules', for the Original SF 1-3 games, as this is where my campaign is going to take place. I spent some considerable time replying to a PM, and so right now this is all I'm going to post here for the moment. More later...

Re: A new beginning!

PostPosted: Wed 30 Oct 2019 17:39
by voidstalker[woe]
So, after a nice little break, I'm back with a new account and a new computer, and am going to be starting this up again.

Re: A new beginning!

PostPosted: Wed 30 Oct 2019 20:30
by Cralis

Re: A new beginning!

PostPosted: Thu 31 Oct 2019 23:45
by Xveers

Re: A new beginning!

PostPosted: Thu 31 Oct 2019 23:52
by voidstalker[woe]
Much preliminary work is needed, and look to the TOaST threads for the immediate future, as that is where I'm going to be spending much time setting the stage, so to speak.

Re: A new beginning!

PostPosted: Fri 01 Nov 2019 21:16
by voidstalker[woe]
So, just a short update...

I'm working on a few threads, and actively request input on the ideas expressed there, and would like anyone and everyone to join in in the discussions.

I have three "TOaST" threads up, as well as the "Anatomically Correct Sol system project" thread.

The TOaST threads are places to bring up things that a real life space faring, exploring, exploiting, expanding civilization might experience during such activities, and my thoughts on how such things may be able to take their place in game, with respect to potential fictional settings --- stories and potential missions --- Scenarios.

In the Home World & Anatomically Correct... threads, I'm trying to set up the reasons for some of the fictional stories that I'm planning to write to have many of the things that they are going to have. Some of the initial things...

Earth, but with thousands of artificial satellites, with massively armoured hulls, comprised of the 'molten-slag' of the waste products of NEO mining operations, shaped and cooled into hollowed out shells, that then came, over years and decades of time, to house all the various nations orbital facilities within them...

Fleets of such things, eventually equipped with starfire engine technologies, and used as mobile bases, that can be deployed to places beyond Earth's orbits to points far beyond...

Far flung resource exploitation expeditions establishing claims to the near infinite loot available on a first come, first served basis, out past Pluto, and the things they may encounter there, in the unknown depths of space...

Basically, these and the other threads are setting up the 'Map' (read as, future playing fields) that has existed in my head for years, where the starfire game system (with many house modifications) is going to serve as the basis for stories and scenarios created within this effort. Hopefully, I'll be able to wet people's appetites and get them interested. 8-)

Re: A new beginning!

PostPosted: Sun 03 Nov 2019 17:11
by Vandervecken
I read everything; I kinda suck as a writer (although the ideas are overflowing) so I will never judge a players work harshly; and even thru fiction, I've learned a bit more about Starfire. And some of the campaigns are phenomenal reads!

Good Hunting, and have fun !

Re: A new beginning!

PostPosted: Tue 05 Nov 2019 03:00
by voidstalker[woe]
Vandervecken wrote:I read everything; I kinda suck as a writer (although the ideas are overflowing) so I will never judge a players work harshly; and even thru fiction, I've learned a bit more about Starfire. And some of the campaigns are phenomenal reads!

Good Hunting, and have fun !
Thanks Van.

This last weekend was a total bust for me, I got nothing done at all. :evil: :(

I have dusted off all the old files that I have for my game ideas from the old XP machine, and they are not many, and read up on them a bit.

Because of my discoveries of all that I don't know, I'm currently thinking about devising a game or three, each with their own throwaway rules, that will help me play out some pre TL1 starting positions. The problem with that idea though, is that every version of SF is basically too advanced for what I am looking for/ :o

My intention right now is to come up with rules for near current tech (at least compared to SF), and make a game that just takes us into the very early space age, and the cornerstone of this games rules must revolve on just how hard it actually is to put payloads into orbit, and how very limited things are with current technologies. I don't want vessels going back and forth to the moon on a daily basis, let alone an hourly basis.

For scale, I'm thinking about buying a compass, and pack of paper plates, and making a couple anatomically correct counters for Earth and Luna. On the smallest scale I am currently considering, the Earth counter would have about a 4 hex radius, and Luna a 1 hex radius! On this scale, GSO would be ~22 hexes out, and Luna 240. This scale would be for me to setup and playtest battles and ideas and things, and I could just reuse/redefine what the weapons, time/distance scales were, while using the starfire playing pieces. Obviously, these would have to be understood to be much earlier/weaker versions of weapons and systems, so as to explain why the ranges are so much less than a TL1 races ships and weapons are. I would see this scale being useful to establish armed bases all the way out to GEO!

But then a new scale would have to be developed that could move things along technology wise, where the game board can include a vast upgrade in the space faring nations programs (while still falling far below TL 1), and would include at least the complete Earth/Luna system, and all the Lagrange points included. Now, I currently have no real working knowledge of what a game hex should represent in this context, as I also don't have this knowledge at this point in time, but that is where I am currently at. I would want the map to be able to display armed military bases (and all the civilian facilities) within this level of detail existing in every useful Lagrangian point, and to do this I have to learn what these are and where they are. Are the Earth/Sun points in any way tied to/the same as the Earth/Luna points? I actively invite input for these and other facts into this discussion, by any and all interested parties.

I don't even know if I would need to have a third level (or more) to give us something pre Tech Level 1, that could take us to the NEO's, the inner planets, and the AB.

I'm just now struck by a thought, and here this is:

What if, we had one (Prequel) game, that just used the basic (TL1) weapons and systems, but had like five tech levels, where you don't get new systems, rather the versions that you do have are just upgraded, and so to is the map scale? My idea is to keep things dirt simple, but allow for the increase in engine technologies to operate on a larger map scale, so the old and obsolete ships fall by the wayside? Not sure how such a system might workout, and whether it would even be worth looking at or just way to messed up, but that could actually make for an interesting gameplay experience.

Anyway, this was supposed to be a quick little post, and it has instead started to grow and grow...

More later.