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Re: ship design encyclopedia

PostPosted: Sat 13 Jul 2013 15:55
by wievil
procyon wrote:She doesn't worry so much about the plan surviving.
She probably has a week or so invested in it.

She just wants her ships to survive.
Some she has run for close to a decade now of REAL time. Some are older than our youngest child.

And for her carrier fleets, they have changed some since I posted them. Plenty of upgrades and refits as their tests and experience gave them more insight into systems they were employing.

She has more luxury for keeping ships alive than I do I'm afraid. I'm feeling like John Ringo's Earthforce building ships to hold off the Posleen though that is an imperfect analogy. A typical opfor "fleet" in the universe I'm facing goes something along the lines of 150 GBa and 50 CLV on average. I have had a reasonably balanced Large Ship / Carrier + GBa (about 80 GBa if I recall) group blown away by a fleet that ran to 450 GBa (or equivalent) and I never did see the enemy "fleet". I killed over 200 GBa but they just swarmed over me. Lately though my fleet FQ component has increased and that has improved my fortunes.

Don't mean to burden you with my troubles. I would like to hear more about your family's exploits though :)