Turn 70 - Peace Accords

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Turn 70 - Peace Accords

Postby Moonsword on Sat 09 Jun 2018 06:04

This treaty ends the war between the Eridellan Hoplarchy (hereafter ERIDELLA) and the Allied Powers (hereafter ALLIES) of the Terran Confederation (hereafter CONFEDERATION) and the Consensus of Axanar (hereafter CONSENSUS). As of 1 July 2154, all hostilities between ERIDELLA and the ALLIES have ended.

The terms of the ongoing peace treaty are effective as of 1 October 2154 until renegotiated. They are as follows:

  1. ERIDELLA, the CONFEDERATION, and the CONSENSUS hereby declare a state of peace exists between them.
  2. ERIDELLA formally acknowledges that its Star Force waged offensive attacks on unarmed small starships of the Terran Confederation Astrographic Survey Service engaged in peaceful survey of space unclaimed and uncolonized by any belligerent power. Further, ERIDELLA formally acknowledges that even after the underlying cause of hositilies was revealed to be incorrect, ERIDELLA persisted in offensive actions against CONFEDERATION space.
  3. CONFEDERATION formally acknowledges that ERIDELLA believed itself to be under hostile surveillance by rogue artificial intelligences but does not consider this acceptable grounds for attack on CONFEDERATION starships that began the war.
  4. ALLIES formally acknowledge ERIDELLA is a sovereign power with a reasonable right of control over its territorial space. ERIDELLA shall retain legal rights to govern that space save exceptions specified within this treaty.
  5. ALLIED personnel, vessels, and other units shall not enter atmosphere or close orbit of ERIDELLAN settled planets, moons, and other bodies without formal written authorization from local ERIDELLAN authorities.
  6. ERIDELLA shall not retain, build, or operate starships or space platforms with offensive or defensive weaponry or military hulls. Exceptions to this provision may be made at the discretion of both ALLIES. This provision must be reviewed for extension, modification, or annullment every 24 CONFEDERATION months, with the first review taking place in October 2156.
  7. ERIDELLA shall not build more than two (2) additional military/dual-purpose space yard slips so long as this treaty is in force. Construction on these slips must be approved by ALLIES and inspection of compliance is allowed.
  8. So long as ERIDELLA does not possess the wherewithal to defend its sovereign space, ALLIES are responisble for providing sufficient forces to defend ERIDELLAN space and reclaim such territory as is seized by hostile powers. Once the above provision is fully annulled, ALLIES will retain defensive responsibilities until at least two squadrons of ERIDELLAN warships have completed construction and working up.
  9. In times of peace, ALLIES are to maintain a minimum strength in orbit of the ERIDELLAN capital consisting of one squadron of battlecruiser average tonnage or heavier, one squadron of heavy cruiser average tonnage or heavier, and one screening squadron of ALLIES' discretion. Squadrons are to consist of a minimum of three armed starships in good working order. At ALLIES' discretion, heavier forces may be placed in orbit but advance notice must be provided to ERIDELLA of all ship movements.
  10. ALLIES retain the right to engage in such training maneuvers as are necessary and proper to maintain their forces at fighting trim.
  11. ALLIES may send in support vessels under astrogation control of ERIDELLA to resupply, repair, and otherwise sustain those military vessels.
  12. ERIDELLA is to provide funds, precise amount subject to ongoing negotiation, to ALLIES to defray operational costs of deploying defensive forces until and unless those forces are withdrawn.
  13. ALLIES may send in trade freighters to collect trade goods under contract at the Eridella Prime Yards with appropriate advance notice to ERIDELLA. All trade freighters are under astrogation control of ERIDELLA and subject to inspection at Eridella Prime Yards as ERIDELLA deems appropriate. All ERIDELLAN inspections may be accompanied by ALLIED monitors who may not intefere with lawful inspection requirements.
  14. Until settled by negotiation, trade goods are to be provided waiving ERIDELLAN duties, tarrifs, and other instruments of income. This provision stands in lieu of reparations to ALLIES for damages and losses during the war.
  15. ALLIES have the right to engage in a survey of ERIDELLA space to verify ERIDELLA is complying with this treaty. All discovered data must be shared with all parties to this treaty.
  16. ALLIES retain the right to deploy inspection patrols to verify compliance with this treaty.
  17. The starless warp nexus known as Sargasso is ceded to the CONFEDERATION.


This is functionally a forced ally treaty although I've imposed some custom terms (such as being required to provide a local garrison) and the formal disposition of the Sargasso (which wasn't technically claimed by either side). The "trade" being referenced is actually a forced ally's surrender of income in terms of the game mechanics - it's disruptive to the Eridellan budget but not really to their economy because of how the government is managing it.

Also, the date discrepancy above is deliberately different from Turn 70's place in the sequence (which is October 2154) because it references an effective ceasefire after a combined TCN and ACN fleet defeated the Eridellan orbital defenses and took the capital.
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Re: Turn 70 - Peace Accords

Postby Cralis on Sun 10 Jun 2018 09:09

That is impressive! I certainly never wrote a custom treaty that comprehensive...
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