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Scenario Structure

Postby Cralis on Sun 03 Jun 2018 16:12

The following outline is the suggested structure for a typical scenario. It is not the only information you should post, but the best scenarios will have at least this information:

Scenario Name should be the subject of the topic
Scenario Author may be the poster, but if not, then you should post the author's name.

If the scenario originates from a campaign, you should include the Campaign Name (especially if the campaign is in our Starfire Fiction section, you might even link to the campaign), Turn number or date of the battle that the scenario represents.

Order of Battle is necessary. This is the list of all ships in the battle. Include any munitions, crew grade, small craft, graded officers, or any other condition or equipment that is not part of the original ship design.

Unit Designs are necessary, unless they come from an official Starfire product. The designs should be listed AFTER the end of the scenario data.

Map Setup should include the map required (if any), plus the location of any system bodies (planets, stars, etc.) that are located on the map. This is especially important in scenarios that use a full-sized System Map to start.

Starting Conditions are the starting location(s) and starting conditions of the units in the scenario. This can include units not yet on the map (such as the attackers in a warp point assault scenario).

Special Rules are any option rules used, rules specific to the scenario, etc.

Victory Conditions are how to determine which side wins the scenario. The typical grades of victory are:
Total Victory, Partial Victory, and Tie conditions. If you use a point system to determine the victory, remember to list how each side earns points. Alternatively you can had "primary objectives", "secondary objectives", and "tertiary objectives" (optional objectives) with point values.

Last, we highly encourage the scenario author to write a story or description that outlines how the combat in the scenario came about and how it is supposed to end. This is especially important for a scenario from a campaign.

So how might this look? Here is a sample created just to show the outline:

Author: silarC

From the TOTALLY MADE UP campaign, Turn 66, Alphrar system

Order of Battle:

3x Alpha-11 DD with 20 ra, 1 sh
1x Alphaster-1 CL with 40 ra, 20 ga, 1 sh

1x Monster-class BB with 110 rca

This scenario uses the standard 4-part system map with the Type-T world "Alphacon" in the center hex

Starting Conditions:
Alpha Aliens may start anywhere on the map, including hiding behind the planet
Omega Aliens may start anywhere between radian 11 and 1 on the map, within 1 tac hex of the map edge

Special Rules:
1. This can be a single-player scenario with the player controlling the Alpha Alien fleet. The Omega Alien ship will move directly towards the planet until it reaches planetary orbit. It will continue to shoot at the Alpha Alien fleet until the fleet is destroyed or moves out of range, at which point it will then bombard the population on the planet. Once it does 100 points of damage to the planet it will then move straight to the opposite map edge that it started and exit the combat area.
2. The Omega Alien will use it's energy weapons on the closest enemy unit, but it will continue to target the first target it fires its capital missiles at until that target is destroyed or moves out of range. At which point it will re-target its capital missiles to the closest target and repeat this process.

Victory Conditions:
The Alpha Aliens will have total victory if it destroys the Omega Aliens without suffering any bombardment to the planet. They will have partial victory if they destroy the Omega Aliens before they destroy the planetary population. The Omega Alien will only be considered as having a victory if it destroys the planetary population.

In the campaign, the Alpha Alien fleet was unable to stop the Omega monstrosity from reaching orbit of the Alphrar. The Alpha Alien fleet tried to rotate ships in and out of range, but the capital missiles continued to pound the fleet until it was reduced to scrap. Alphrar was lost and the Omega monstrosity left the system in search of more prey to smash.

Unit Designs:
(Imagine there are unit designs here)
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