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Turn 21 Update

Postby procyon on Mon 11 Jul 2011 23:54

Empire states beginning turn 21

Pan Euro (EL 2)
Holdings - Earth, Luna, Colonies on +/- 5LM of Main Belt
GEV 1448.2 MC
Treasury from turn 20 124.9 MC

SS w/ SY x2 at Earth (one damaged)
PDC x2 on Earth

Pan Euro Senior Admiral/Brenna Muldoon (BG+3/Trainer)

3rd Battle Group (Rear Admiral Robert McNeely BG)
A.S.V. Red October (BG)
A. E. Catherine (BG +1)
A. E. Isabelle (BG +2)
A. E. Elise (BG +2)
A. E. Keely Sereg (BG)
Mobile Shipyard 2

4th Battle Group (Admiral Brenna Muldoon BG+3/Trainer)
Destroyer Queen Victoria (BG-1)
A. E. Mary Queen of Scots (BG +1)
A.E. Rachel Pierce (BG+1)
A.E. Giovanni Vetra (BG)
A.E. Justin Reynolds (BG)
Mobile Shipyard 1

3rd Light Battle Group (Commodore Stephan Vasilakos BG)
H. E. Tatianna (BG +2)
A.E. Kathleen (BG)
A.E. Scarlett (BG)

Independantly Assigned Vessels
Pan Euro Troop Support Ship
Pan Euro Troop Transport
Survey Vessels Michaelangelo, Raphael, Rembrandt - mothballs

China (EL1)
Holding - Earth, Ceres
GEV 1577.2 MC
Treasury from turn 20 36.6 MC

SS w/ SY x2 at Venus
PDC x2 on Earth

Chinese Senior Admiral/Admiral Hu (BG +2/Decisive)

Shek Group (currently Admiral Hu)
Cruiser Chiang Kai Shek (BG)
Missile Frigate Anhui (BG +1)
Missile Frigate Hubei (BG +2)
Mobile Construction Vessel Zhuang

Minh Group (Vice Admiral Y Ming BG -1)
Cruiser Ho Chi Minh (BG)
Missile Frigate Shangxi (BG +1)
Missile Frigate Henan (BG +1)

Independantly Assigned Vessels
Troop Lander 1
Troop Lander 2

United States (EL2)
Holdings - Earth, Mars, Colonies on +/- 4LM of Main Belt
GEV 1253.7 Mc
Treasury from turn 10 112.6 MC

SS w/ SY x1 at Mars
SS w/ SY x2 at Earth (one damaged)
PDC x2 on Earth

US Senior Admiral/Admiral Bradley Walters (BG +2)

Task Force 1 (Rear Admiral James Gauld BG)
Interceptor Mk IIb JFK (BG)
Interceptor Mk IIb J Madison (BG -2/shakedown)
Interceptor Mk IIb A Jackson (BG -1)

Task Force 2 (none assigned at beginning of month 21)
Interceptor Mk III Sai (BG / BG-2 shakedown)
Interceptor Mk III Kama (BG)

Task Force 3 (Rear Admiral Jack Ryan BG +2/Navigator)
Interceptor Mk III Yari (BG +1)
Interceptor Mk IIb Z Taylor (BG)

Independantly Assigned Vessels
Q Ship Vigilance (BG)
Troop Support Ship 1 , 2
Survey Tender 01 , 02

South Seas Free Space Consortium (FSC)
Holding - Earth, small undeclared Main Belt Colony
GEV 314.4 MC
Treasury from turn 20 29.2 MC

Ground Based Industry equal to SY x2

Senior Space 'Officer'/ 'The Dutchman' BG +2/Courageous

Converted Freighter Mary Reed (BG +1)

Hidden Missile Silo x2

Nemotian Consolidate
Holdings - Eris/Dysnomia - NH 1, Orcus - NH 2, Sedna NH -4, Triton(Neptune) - NH 3, Pluto/Charon - NH 5
GEV 1304.7 MC
Treasury from turn 20 3381.9 MC

SS w/SY x1, Base Station Model 1 x3, PDC x6 at Eris
SS w/SY x1, Base Station Model 0 x2, Base Station Model 1, PDC x6 at Orcus
Base Station Model 0 x2, Base Station Model 1 at Sedna
PDC x6 at Pluto

Patrol Group
Squadron 1
Patrol Vessels 2 (BG +1) , 7 (BG +1)
Squadron 2
Patrol Vessels 13 (BG +2) , 17 (BG +3)
Mobile Repair Ship 4

Combat Group
Assault Vessel 3 (BG)
Hive Vessel 1 (BG) , 2 (BG)

Escort Group
Patrol Vessel 24 (BG)
Attack Vessels 4 (BG -2) , 5 (BG -2)

Mobile Repair Ships 6 - 8 / in mothballs
Survey Vessels 1 - 5 / in mothballs

Once again I am skipping over the ground troop deployments. If you are interested let me know and I will try to find time to add them in.

It doesn't take a long comparison to the turn 11 update to see that the players have grown some economically, while their fleets have maintained fairly constant level with improving crew grades. They don't have lots of ships, but what they have are good.
On the other side of the coin, the Nemotian Fleets have pretty much evaporated into a few well trained ships. Gone are the large fleets of the turn 11 post. The treasury is dwindled to 1/4th what it had been. The only thing increasing is the number of stationary defenses. The game looks on paper as if it is about to grind down into the slow reduction of the Nemotian New Homes as their ability to project force disappears.
The Nemotians will be hampered even more by an initiative the Pan Euro will take in turn 21 (September 2204). It gets pretty tough for the bad guys in the coming months.

Thanks again for reading. Hope you have enjoyed the story so far.
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