Information about the Rigellians

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Re: Information about the Rigellians

Postby Rigelian12 on Mon 19 Nov 2012 04:40

Hi Cralis,

That is a good idea to keep it a mystery as it won't need an explanation. It will give me time to work on the storyline of how the Rigelian's conquer a few sectors of space. With the Alliance needing to build new ships, and refit older ships. They find themselves not ready for a all out assault on the Grand Alliance.
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Re: Information about the Rigellians

Postby AlexeiTimoshenko on Mon 19 Nov 2012 05:23

One of these days the Terrans will learn their lesson and not gut their fleet after each war. Even in ISW-4 at the start, the fleet had it's heavier units so far from the front that the bugs took most of the Romulus chain.
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