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Empire building-by-numbers

Postby olivertheorem on Fri 09 Aug 2013 20:24

Here is how my starting race turned out, mostly by dice rolls. A few really didn't make sense in the larger context of the shape the race was taking, so I tweaked them just enough to fit. So, without further delay, I give you the Church of M'Khera (name may change).

Government Type: Federal Theocracy (still fleshing out the theocracy part)
RC/RD/RM/RO: 83/74/34/64
Negatives: Population Growth 0.8%
Positives: Initial Contact +6, Advanced Science (Sensors)
LRW: Kinetic Weapons
SRW: Force Beams
Homeworld: 1045 PU starting population (stupid RNG), 105 IU
Other Pop: 15 PU on Adonis 2 (meaning, the second moon orbiting the planet Adonis)
RC Mods/Spending Priority: see sections Y19/Y20
Base Crew: Average

Home Fleet: 40% of maintenance
Exploration: Circumspect (1 WP/month)
Colonization: Normal Benign, VR Harsh, and no others (except in home system) [tweaked this one]
HEL Policy: Friendly, but no genocide
LEL Policy: Level I, except will invade instead of genocide

Military Policies
Hulls Built: 50% largest, 50% median (in HS) [so my starting designs will be DD and CT]
Passive Defense: 10% of HS
Armor/Shields: 66/33, tiebreaker to armor
Engines: Military, but 1 less than max [this means one less than necessary to reach top speed, right?]
Weapon Mounting: LRW on largest, 50/50 on medium, SRW on smallest [in practice, a LRW DD, a 50/50 CT, and a SRW CTf]
Special Mounts: 30% special SRW, 35% capital/heavy LRW
System Layout: All engines but one before weapons, engine last
PD Quantity: 6% of HS, min 1 on CL and larger
PD Type: Only normal
PD Datalink: 1 per 3 PD
PD Location: Equally distributed between weapons
Survey Fleet: Unarmed EX, no escorts

Male Rear Admiral Willy Sonels (LG 0, no bonus)
Male Rear Admiral Wayny Wilson (LG 0, no bonus)
Male Brigadier General Lose Andell (LG 0, Medic)
Male Chief Emissary Mothy Willey (LG 1, Peacemaker) [made him a diplomat instead of governor]

Research & Development
SA-1: Focused Breakthrough in Yc
SA-2: SL2 in Armor (9 RP), SL3 in Tractors (0 RP)
SA-3: Random Breakthrough
RDS-1: 10 EL RP (114 RP)
RDS-2: SL2 in Smallcraft (8 RP)
RDS-3: SL3 in Kinetic Weapons (45 RP)
RDS-4: SL2 in Science Instruments (36 RP)
RDS-5: Developing Kb (0 RP) [do the SL free RP apply to tech items too?]
RDS-6: SL2 in Electronics (0 RP)

Current SLs: EL1, Sensors 4, Science Instruments 1, Electronics 1, Tractors 2, Smallcraft 1, Life Support 1, Inertialess Engines 1, Force Beams 2, Kinetic Weapons 2, Shields 1, Armor 1
Non-SL1 items: Tb (pending development), Kb (in development)

Design Notes
- R&D randomly determined. Placed EL research first by rolling 1d9. Assigned SA work by rolling 1d10; 1-4 meant focused breakthrough, 5-8 random, 9-10 SL research. Assigned RDS (and SA SL) work by rolling 1d13 (total number of available projects), re-rolling any duplicates.

- Came up with the following method of determining leader gender, for story purposes. Chance of male leader = 50 + (RC/2). In this way, a low RC will give rise to more female leaders than male. You could flip it to make a matriarchal society if you wanted.

- Every turn, I am going to roll 1d100. On a 1, an enterprising individual or group has had a masterful stroke of insight, resulting in 1 randomly determined current R&D project reaching completion, regardless of current status. This is intended to emulate the Einsteins of the world, working on world-shattering research at night while working relatively menial jobs by day.
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Re: Empire building-by-numbers

Postby JoeBuckeye on Sat 10 Aug 2013 09:47

Good luck.

I started to roll some of this up for my Buckeye Republic but then decided I wanted to play them my way (for the most part).

I did roll on the Ship Design tables though. Wanted something at the start other than optimized designs.
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