deWulf Corporate Democracy Turn 129

Fiction by Sylvester Wrzesinski

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deWulf Corporate Democracy Turn 129

Postby Xveers on Fri 18 Nov 2016 02:41

deWulf Fleet Headquarters
Logistics Command
Planet Fenris

"Sir, have you been seeing some of the shipments that we've been routing?"

"Yes, I have seen those logistics requests, and yes they are odd, and no you shouldn't be inquiring about those. At all. Our job is to properly route and manage production and demands to wherever they are required. Not enquire as to the purpose and use of every container, sprocket, or chemical."

"I understand that Sir, but it's just odd. I mean yesterday it was twelve containers of capital point defense mounts, and now there's a whole Provider's worth of armour plating. And I'm getting routing requests for prefabricated habitation modules and sensor systems for next week."

The watch officer paused and looked at her subordinate. "Well, you've clearly put some thought into something you're not supposed to be doing."

"It's hard not to wonder, sir. And we do have to check what is in the cargo shipment in order to safely route it."

The watch officer rocked back in her chair a bit, sighing softly. She was right. It was their job to check shipments in order to route them properly. And the volumes and cargo were definitely out of the ordinary. There was even an absence of munitions. Or weapons of any kind.

"What do you think, then? Refit program?"

The shipping technician paused a moment and thought "No, I don't think so. This stuff is top of the line, but all of it is... well it's not old. It's just been in service for a while. And we don't have anything stationed out there that needs that kind of refit."

"So what, then?"

"Dunno. Strategic reserve? Parts dump for repairs? Can't be something being shipped out for assembly... no hull being shipped."

The watch officer leaned forward, the chair clicking back to a fully upright position again.

"Noticed another thing too, sir."

"What's that?"

"Our logistics system's been showing more and more drones in the inventory, but nothing's being shipped."

"Not even a preliminary shipment notice? Odd. How fast is the inventory piling up?"

The technician called up supply data, the stockpile report populating with information across The State.

"Hmm... we have three primary stockpiles at present... the Neu Carlsbad factory is running three shifts apparently, and half of the Sintillan yards are doing series production. Even seeing some output from the Mittelspanung here in-system."

The watch officer tented her fingers as she looked over the same report.

"Equipment but no hulls. Drones but without transportation."

"And no munitions at all, Sir."

"Curiouser and curiouser."
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Re: deWulf Corporate Democracy Turn 129

Postby SCC on Mon 28 Nov 2016 01:07

Asteroid Forts can explain the lack of a hull, as for the drones? Minefield? Something like SBM-HAWKs?
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Re: deWulf Corporate Democracy Turn 129

Postby Xveers on Fri 30 Dec 2016 20:27

Planet Elysium
Capital planet of the Elysian Sovereignty

It had been months since the last incursion by the corporate deWulf navy, months since they tried to breach the defences of Elysium and burn the planet to a cinder. Months since the bitter whine of sirens and omnipresent messages over comm systems had warned people to their shelters.

The populace looked to the sky as always, but with a growing confidence that perhaps the nightmare had passed. Their gods had spread their wings over them again, shielding them from the horrors that had been delivered time and again to the innocent. Traffic had returned, first as a trickle and then a flood as a collective decision had been made, unspoken yet agreed that it was again safe to be out and to enjoy life in all its manifold ways.

Only last week there had been a ceremony at the Menausus Peninsula where the Czar himself had attended, in person no less! Proclaiming the scorched lands as a preserve and a monument both, he dedicated the barren soil as a memorial to those lost, and as a symbol of their eternal blessing. Even through the contaminants and radiation life bitterly fought back. Though stunted and malformed, trees and plants had returned in patches, slowly colonising what was once a thriving metropolis. Their monument would be an eternal park showcasing the victory of life over death.

Palace of Eternal Flight

"I still feel that going out in public was an unwise decision, my lord." High Priest Solon bowed as he spoke, eyes not quite reaching up to his liege. "Despite all we have done to sanitise the area, there could have been-"

His words were silenced by a single wave of a hand as Czar Nova slid into the chair in front of his desk. Years ago he had thought it was a rather opulent gift from the crafters who made such work desks, but the past months had demonstrated they knew practicality as well as opulence. A hundred different tells were read by sensors, and the holographic display leapt into form, affording the chancellor some little cover from the gaze of his pseudo-god.

"The will of the White Wings is the final arbiter of life and death, Solon. I am certain that in my death, you, and my successor would spin it as a sign of the ancestors and the gods and so on and so on..." his left talon lazily spun in the air as his voice trailed off, an almost sarcastic tone on his tongue. "We've made use of sacrifices and martyrs before. A god returning home would just be the crowning expression of that tactic, wouldn't it?"

Some questions did not need answers.

"Regardless. The silence of our enemies is most disconcerting. They have not sent an envoy. No reflexive probes. No siege, even at a distance. Were it not for millions of my subjects dead and a peninsula that may never support life again, I would think we were back at peace. Why?"

Some questions demanded answers.

Solon pulled his arms from behind his body, a small datapad scrolling information quickly as he searched for specific bits of data.

"As you may know my Lord, we have been running some intelligence operations against the deWulf. While most of them are passive intelligence operations, we have a few more aggressive programs that are bearing some fruit. In this case, we are fortunately gifted with having multiple warp points accessing deWulf space, which are not always monitored. This gives us several potential drop locations. Thusly, we can guarantee that we're getting relatively current data."

Czar Nova nodded, his talons playing over the controls of the hologram and handing it over to Solon. It obligingly showed the local network of warp points, showing the local deWulf systems and the spiderweb of links.

High Priest Solon continued. "Additionally, their rather mercenary base nature makes it easy for us to find more questionable members who are willing to do work in exchange for pay. While we cannot provide any kind of technology of course, certain rare elements are always valuable and virtually impossible to trace."

"There is actual information coming, presumably." While Czar Nova's tone was almost playful, there was an unstated threat all the same. A god's opinion could only be ignored at one's peril.

"Of course, sire. Our sources suggest that the deWulf are rallying their fleet and putting more units into service to make up for those lost. Exact amounts and hull sizes are sketchy, even though their primary yards are in geosynchronous orbit of their capital. Even so, we can still tell large from small, and warship from freighter, and it is clear that there is a major rearmament effort underway."

The Czar flipped through his own copy of the report, eyes catching one detail. "And yet their main yard continues to build civilian freighters."

"They are still a corporate state, my lord. Even in wartime they must have to support their true masters."

A noncommittal grunt was the only response he received to that statement, Solon took that as a spot to continue. "A likely case, but with regard to the pups, a healthy bit of skepticism is warranted."

"And your other measures?"

"We have also been funding more aggressive programs against deWulf forces, especially in this 'New Colony Region' that borders ours. They have many small colonies there, quite a few of them aren't even on their own records. Some of them are founded by those with more... malleable personalities. And some of them don’t look upon the deWulf with any real love. It took us a bit of work and no small amount of funding, but we’ve managed to get a few… independent contractors working for us in their backyard. They’ve actually been doing quite well for themselves, and if it keeps up, the whole process should be self-sustaining in a few more months.”

“So we’re funding pirates now. There is little bottom to the depths we will travel, is there?” groused Czar Nova Scion. “Even against such a callous foe, this is a new depth.”

‘And wholesale genocide isn’t?’ thought Solon. “Better to term them as freedom fighters. They represent a client race that was absorbed into the Corporate Democracy. They wish a return to the old ways that they know are the correct ones.” ‘That are even more antithetical to our own, but one problem at a time.’

“Still-“ pondered Scion “Still, when we win we can always mop up that little problem. Assuming the deWulf don’t take care of the problem while they burn.”

“The deWulf do seem to solve most problems with the largest hammer they can find.”

“From what we have seen, my Lord, from what we have seen. There is more than enough evidence that they are capable of subterfuge and misdirection. We just aren’t in a position to see it. We do know they have broken other planetary sieges before, though we aren’t entirely certain how they did it last time. Or why they haven’t utilized that method on us.”

Czar Nova leaned back in his chair some. “Or perhaps they have, and we’ve defeated it. Which means then that they will probably try something entirely new. So there are known unknowns, and the unknown unknowns. This trail of question-supposition-question-supposition just seems to get thicker and thicker.”

He leaned back forward, taking control of his desktop display back from Solon. “Then we continue to listen, and we steel ourselves for the hammer blow.”

There was little else to say. They knew the deWulf hammer would eventually fall. They knew where it would have to fall. They only question was when.
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Re: deWulf Corporate Democracy Turn 129

Postby Xveers on Mon 20 Feb 2017 22:33

Now Available to the general public!

The Akeroh Company Colony In A Can™!

Building on over ten years of colonial experience, Akeroh is proud to announce that it is now offering an all-in-one colonial solution for smaller corporations, homesteaders, and industrial concerns.

Akeroh has been in the colonial infrastructure market since the first interstellar colonies, and has proven experience with setting up colonies on planets ranging from low-G airless worlds to shirtsleeve habitable biospheres to toxic, corrosive environments. Over the years, we've amassed a lot of information about what a colony needs. What it can get away with not having, and what decisions made beforehand can sidestep around a lot of needless frustration!

Every basic Colony In A Can™ comes in three NF 8000-M Containers, with the following:

Container 1 - Habitation
- Three floors (20x20 meters) pre-built for accomodation (exact specifications to suit)
- One floor (20x20 meters) pre-built for office and storage space
- One floor (20x20 meters) pre-built as cafeteria space (including kitchen)
- Basic furniture included in all spaces

Container 2 - Support
- 150 MW sealed nuclear generator
- Sewage and water treatment plant (Capacity: 60, Recyc efficiency: 75%)
- Two floor hydropondic facility (optional built in lighting)
- Fully equipped machine and maintenence shops
- Parking Garage w. 1 Kafer transport hover
- One floor (20x20 meters) for liquid tankage and cooling

Container 3 - Cryo Transport & Misc
- Accomodation for 50 Cryo pods
- Stocked medical suite for cryo recovery
- Two floors (20x20 meters) filled with basic Colony In a Can™ Supplies (multipurpose power packs, drills, earthmoving equipment, low-volume resource processing, autoindustrial fabricators)

All Containers are equipped with the following:
- All rooms are wired over-code for future proofing. Hardline networking also included.
- Plumbing installed where required (note: hookups to external supply and disposal required)
- Airlocks optional (will reduce available space on floors)
- No gravity control included (Available option)
- Basic climate control (good for -270 to +90 C)

Not included:
Additional airlocks for multiple access points
Airtight passageways to connect seperated containers
Ground/Air Radar units
Interplanetary communcation sets
Livestock transport/care
Connecting plumbing
Support struts

Please note that Akeroh Company makes no express warranty about colonial success beyond the certification of the quality of goods at time of purchase. Emplacement and transport costs extra. Warranty void if serviced by unapproved service providers.
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