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Re: Marvin asks...

Postby southwestforests on Thu 31 Jan 2019 01:51

Even though my days of active play are over because of several health issues I do appreciate the time and energy y'all are applying to maintaining and developing Starfire, it is a good game & game system.
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Re: Marvin asks...

Postby voidstalker[woe] on Sun 20 Oct 2019 08:03

My apologies for not seeing this earlier. I'm going to edit your questions a bit, to include more information.

Cralis wrote:I'm not joking! Earlier this evening I had a long discussion with Marvin about which products and direction we are taking after the release of the next version of Solar Starfire. He would like me to ask ya'll some questions.

1. How many of you have played scenarios in the last month?
In the last year?
What versions have you played?
With how many other players?
Tactical games?
Strategic games?
No Scenarios in the last month, of any kind. Only a very few tactical ones included in the vassal engine, and that led my friend to swear off future starfire as to tedious and time consuming. Keep in mind this was the Original game! That is how bad vassal is.
I only ever player an official version on SF way back in the day, when Starfire II had not yet came out yet.
It's been 2-3 years since I had the opportunity to play a couple hours of SF with 4 of us sitting down at the table, and that opportunity has not come around again! We played SF I, and used the counters and maps, and the tables from the QSR, suitably modified for the earlier version rules.

Cralis wrote:2. How many of you are playing a campaign within the last 30 days? In the last year?
What version were you using, and how many players?
I cannot recall when the last campaign I played in was, unless it was the two player campaign I played in just after I got out of the army, and that was my own version, 1 player and I, without any one else involved/running NPR's or fleets. We used a wicker basket, and placed folded up notes in it before each turn/playing session. This was needed to solve the ongoing problem with the 'other fellows' entire fleet always just happening to be wherever a battle was being fought. This was back in the 1990-1997 time period, and I cannot recall playing any campaign since then.

Cralis wrote:3A. How many of you are playing (SM or Player) with other players? How many?
I have played a couple times on vassal, over the last ten years, but other than that, only with my old gaming group, in person. Except for that one time, it (my recent SF playing) has always just been a 1v1 type thing.

Cralis wrote:3B. To make sure that I don't double-count anyone, if any of the people you play with are on the forum, what is their username?
The vassal opponents were:
1. Some guy I never met in person, that I met online through a different game and he introduced me to vassal.
2. A fellow forum member, for a single battle, for practice getting ready to support the PBEM campaign (which I had to bail out of, for lack of familiarity with modern forms of the game).
3. An old army buddy, that liked the game well enough, but found playing it using the vassal engine far to prone to making mistakes, and thus ruining the enjoyment of the game. Neither of us could remember if we had made our turn mode requirements, commonly messed up our record keeping (He repeatedly marked hits on the wrong ship, or marked ships as fired when using a different ship), and was getting confused when we played some larger battles with our own designs.

Cralis wrote:4. If you could have whatever new product you wanted for Starfire tomorrow, what would it be? (You can give multiple answers here)
This is to long to list here, and I would prefer a seperate new thread. :mrgreen:
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