STARFIRE is an original game of starship combat and interstellar empire building. Written by Steve Cole in 1976, the game system was expanded in the 1980's and 1990's by David Weber, based on the books he wrote with Steve White. In 2000 GALACTIC STARFIRE and in 2004 ULTRA STARFIRE were released with a focus on game balance and multiplayer campaigns. But in 2012 the current version, SOLAR STARFIRE, was released along with the beginnings of a new STARFIRE history.

STARFIRE's unique combat system allows players to build their own fleets of starships and annihilate those fleets in only a few hours play time. Fans of 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) games will enjoy that STARFIRE has a campaign system that allows you to build an alien empire, control every facet of its development, and attempt to conquer a galaxy full of players and/or non-players alike.

Take a look at our Introduction to STARFIRE for a more detailed look at the STARFIRE game system, check out the Downloads Page for free files, or head over to our Ordering Page if you want to see what products are currently available.

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by Matt Olson
CD Orders Delayed

I was made aware today that our account with the CD manufacturer had an error in it and they haven't processed any orders for approximately the last two weeks.

I have contacted Marvin and he is contacted them to fix the issue. This means that any pending CD orders should be processed and sent out by tomorrow. I checked and there are a handful of orders pending.

If that changes I'll post again and let everyone know.

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by Matt Olson
Email Delivery Issues

Our email provider is being blocked by a handful of other providers, primarily Cox and Yahoo. We are trying to work with our provider to solve the problem. In the meantime, if you make an order and do not get a response within 24 hours please email me at or go to this forum post for the announcement and discussions.

I have already resolved several customer's not receiving their emails, but there is potentially at least several more who may not have received the email.

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by Matt Olson
Original Starfire Books Re-Published

We have re-published the Starfire I (1st edition) and Starfire 2 (2nd edition) rulebooks! They are available for ordering now. You can find out more at the the forum announcement.

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by Matt Olson
Solar Empire Spreadsheets

If I'm understanding correctly, these are a collaborative effort between Xveers and Lomn and are an update to both of their spreadsheets. You can read more and find the download link at

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by Matt Olson
Updates? Yes, there are updates.

Apparently I've been too busy posting news on our Starfire Facebook Page and not here on the main site. I haven't posted here all summer! My apologies, I will try and remember to co-post here. It hasn't been dead, we've actually been working behind the scenes on new counters, bringing back more old materials, and some other stuff. Check out the forum or the Facebook page...

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